Hakima at the market

Hakima sells squash at the Jean Talon Market. Not only that. For no extra charge she’ll throw in a recipe or two. She grows the squash in all shapes and colours, including a few I’ve never seen. I’ve missed most of the summer in Montreal so I’m trying to catch up on sketching at the outdoor markets before the season ends. This is the week for tomatoes, if you are planning on making sauce, but I’d rather spend my time sketching. I wish I’d drawn Hakima’s expressive face but I caught her from the back while she was talking to a customer. Sketched in a Stillman & Birn Beta softcover.


17 Comments on “Hakima at the market”

  1. Louise Boyer says:

    Love these subjects, so inpiring for me this time of the year. I bought a lot of different kinds of squashes last year.
    I love Marché Jean-Talon, and Atwater too.
    Beautiful colors in your sketch, feels your there.


  2. Dottie Aiken says:

    I love all of your work and have so enjoyed your Craftsy class. I still do things too tightly and have trouble knowing how to paint outside the lines, but I’m working on it. Thank you for your inspiration.


  3. sandidureice says:

    Just beautiful. Very spontaneous and expressive. I love the way you have done Hakima’s hair.


  4. Meredith Davies says:

    How delightful. I love your work Shari, especially the bright expressive colours you use. Your sketches make me smile.


  5. Really nice outdoor market painting-authentic-


  6. Monique says:

    I love the market..have not been this summer..Hakima looks and sounds delightful!


  7. terrieydh says:

    I just bought a S&B Beta softcover as well but haven’t tried it yet – I have the hardcover but am thinking the softer will be a little less weight but still with the paper I like. Trying to hold off till I fill up my current sketchbook (since I have about 3 going already! 🙂 ) I have both your Craftsy classes and continue to watch, enjoy, and learn from them. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks for writing Terrie. I do the same thing with sketchbooks. I have too many going at the same time so I am trying to be more disciplined and stick with this one until the end. Let’s see how successful I will be. Glad you like the Craftsy classes!


  8. Market sketches are always so much fun to do. Nice job and I’m sure her recipes are yummy!


  9. holmar58 says:

    Wonderful sketch Shari… I used to go shopping there with my mum when I was young… Sweet memories of my mum & Montreal!


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