Since Canadian Thanksgiving (today) coincides with an anniversary (five years since I started this blog) I thought it might be a good time to send out a message of thanks.

I am so grateful for all the feedback and comments I receive for my posts. Even though I don’t always respond as promptly as I’d wish to (there are still some unanswered ones from this summer!!), I read them all and appreciate them more than I can express. This blog has brought drawing and painting back into my life, has allowed me to travel and teach in so many places, and most importantly has connected me with other artists from all around the world. It seems kind of silly to mark a blog anniversary, doesn’t it, but this has changed my life is so many ways, and I really am thankful for that.


As a way to celebrate this anniversary, Jane Blundell and I sketched at my favourite Montreal landmark: Jean Talon Market. With temperatures cold enough to frost up the grass this morning, the vendors (and the shoppers) were bundled up in hats and coats but the produce is still abundant and colourful. Happy Thanksgiving!



115 Comments on “Thanks”

  1. Betty says:

    Happy Anniversary….I’ve enjoyed your art work so much.

  2. Liz Steel says:

    happy thanksgiving and THANK YOU for everything you share… your emails are always a highlight of my day. I might not comment often, but I look at every email.

    • Same goes for me Liz. I read all your posts but I figure you spend enough time responding to comments and giving feedback on your course, so I don’t comment often. Thanks for everything!

  3. MYra says:

    Your fans are equally grateful for your art and your blogs!!!

  4. Monique says:

    I am grateful for you:)
    Love that market..Milano reopened..a visit is a must for me:)

  5. Monique says:

    Forhot to say the other important these Shari.

  6. mcdonnmc says:

    Thank you Shari for all that you give! You are so generous and so kind. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Mary Catharine

  7. anne farmer says:

    Well, thank YOU for your beautiful work and entertaining words!

  8. Susan says:

    Well I thank you for five years (hard to believe) of beautiful painting and wonderfully helpful tips. I am always amazed at the time and effort you put into your blog. Loved both your paintings today but particularly the flowers. Happy Anniversary (not silly!) from an avid follower.

  9. SusanA says:

    Not silly at all! I’m glad I found your blog and your classes–you are always an inspiration! Happy Anniversary!

  10. ChesapkLady says:

    In reality, it is “we,” your fans and viewers, who are grateful. The consistency of your skill with the tools, your eye that sees the layers, shapes and tones, and your willingness to share all this — that’s really what we give thanks for.
    Thank YOU, and congratulations.

  11. Happy anniversary – love your blog. 🙂

  12. Love your blog. Thanks, Shari. (Sorry if this loads twice).

  13. Congratulations on your fifth anniversary! I am so thankful for discovering your blog a year ago when I began my watercolour journey. Your work is so inspiring — I’ve taken your Craftsy Landscape class and look forward to taking the City class. Every time I see Sketchbook in my email I am keen to see what you’ve done and I learn from every post.

    Today’s sketch at le marché Jean Talon takes me back to the Thanksgiving I spent in Montréal in 1983 when I lived for a short time on rue Drolet just a block from the market. Yesterday we touched down in Montréal on our way home to Vancouver and I thought of you and Marc and Jane all busy painting together… it truly is an amazing world community of painters.

    • Hi Lisa,
      We really are lucky to have this community of people who share a love of sketching. And it’s great to hear that you lived right near the market. If you haven’t visited the neighbourhood around Drolet since 1983, you might find that it has changed quite a bit. So much going on there, especially since the market is really a tourist attraction now.
      Glad you like the Craftsy classes too!

  14. Lise G. says:

    thanks to you Shari … you are an inspiration … a great person … thanks to share … Have good time in sketching and painting


  15. Sue says:

    I look forward to your blog with great interest each day–and miss the days there is no new post. I seldom make a comment, but let me say it encourages me in my own personal growth with MY painting!!

  16. Valmae Stonehouse says:

    Thankyou Shari you have encouraged me and I’ve made great changes as well. Through you I now enjoy Jane Blundell. I really look forward to seeing your blogs

  17. SONI MCFARLAND says:

    I echo all previous comments in thanking you for a wonderful 5 year compilation of painting, journalistic treasures and helpful lessons. Plus you have shared personal things as well and all you present are warmly received and returned a thousand fold throughout the days, months and years. I’m grateful you continue with such a positive global contribution.

    Don’t stop because we’re all a creative family enjoying the ride with you. Happy Thanks & more to you and yours in days to come.

  18. Elke Attal says:

    Shari – You are enriching our lives with your daily sketches, comments and advice. I for one look forward to your blog every day and want to thank YOU for sharing your love of sketching with all your followers.

  19. Julana says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Shari! I spent two in the Great White North, and it will always have a place in my heart. Your work is always an inspiration.

  20. Snehal Kank says:

    I always love to see your paintings, they are very inspiring! Thanks to you 😀🙏🏼 Happy blog anniversary 💐

  21. Minerva says:

    Thank you for the inspiration, the knowledge you share, and for organizing the workshop with Jane. Happy 5th anniversary!

  22. Liliane Partikian says:

    Hi Shari, thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us….it’s been an inspiration and a great motivation. Happy anniversary, and many more to come!
    Liliane Partikian

  23. Denise says:

    Congratulations on celebrating 5 years of your blog!! I LOVE getting your emails with your posts. Thank you so much for including all of us in what brings you such happiness — it’s contagious!!
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  24. Ruth Bosveld says:

    Love your blog. 😍

  25. Linda Murray says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and Blog Anniversary! I repeat what everyone else has said above. I too, have enjoyed your blog. ( And still do!) Your willingness to share your paintings and all the helpful tips are very generous. Thank you!

  26. Jean Séguin says:

    Dear Shari,
    Félicitations pour toute cette œuvre que tu partages depuis 5 ans avec nous! Tes aquarelles et autres esquisses nous accompagnent au rythme des jours, des semaines, et des saisons. Que de belles découvertes, que de beaux voyages. Tu es douée pour faire ressortir la beauté esthétique de tant d’objets, bâtiments, lieux ou personnages de ton quotidien! Et telle la quille d’un vaisseau qui lui confère stabilité, tu le fais aussi malgré les vagues et tempêtes de la vie qui jalonnent un chemin parsemé de toutes sortes d’aventures.

    Merci de partager ton talent et, par ce medium, une véritable façon de voir autrement!


    • Jean, I can’t word any thoughts (in English or French) that are beautiful as what you have said, so I will just say thanks. I love to hear from you, especially during the winter when I paint your favourite season.

  27. Jodi says:

    AMAZINGLY beautiful Shari! Happy Blogiversary and happy thanksgiving!

  28. miatagrrl says:

    Happy anniversary and thanksgiving, Shari! Your blog is a continual inspiration.


  29. Louise Hall says:

    Hello Shari, happy anniversary of your blog, and thank you, it’s a treat to receive your emails and images.

  30. Pam Aylmer says:

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you! You’ve been a gift of inspiration to me and now I’m signing up for your Craftsy class. Next, I’d like to see you do Car Kareoke (see you tube) since you paint from your car all the time. 8–)

    • Hi Pam. You made me laugh. One thing you will never see is me singing although I do really enjoy watching James Cordon from time to time. Hope you like the Craftsy class, even if all I do is talk and paint.

  31. Happy Anniversary. So great that you celebrate your blog anniversary. I’m sure the blog has brought a lot to you, but it’s also brought so much to all of us! Happy Anniversary! And it looks like it’s almost time for Shari’s Snow Sketches!

    • Thanks Suhita. It is almost time for the snow sketches. I don’t know if you believe all that farmer’s almanac stuff but they say it’s going to be a snowy winter, so you may just see lots of snow sketches.

  32. Happy anniversary! I enjoy all your blogs..even more so since meeting you in Manchester this summer. Thankyou for all your inspiration

  33. Thank you Shari you are an inspiration for me and I followed your passion by creating my own blog I love your style and your amazing dedication to your blog. You are a great teacher and a great artist.I re visit your 2classes on Crafsty with great pleasure.I wish you many more creative years and I am looking forward to discover your ongoing super paintings☺

  34. Helen says:

    I am relatively new to your blog and enjoy every post. Thanks for your inspiration.

  35. Helen says:

    Thanks for your inspiration

  36. Helen Igoe says:

    I am relatively new to your blog and enjoy every post. Thanks for your inspiration.

  37. Serena says:

    THANK YOU Shari for this fantastic blog, I agree with all the other comments and I find your work so very inspiring. It’s always a joy to find your new post! I took both your Craftsy classes but I really thank you for all the tips and tutorials you share also on the blog. Not silly at all to celebrate the 5th anniversary !

  38. Congratulations Shari. I have a blog too and it always surprises me when I get an alert to mark an anniversary or achievement.
    It’s a record of something you love doing and sharing – so I say celebrate!

  39. Bernadette says:

    Thank you for sharing the gifts of your sketches, helpful hints, family news and considering us a part of your family, part of those who love and share your blessings of life experiences. I am always anxious to see your daily posts. you have inspired me to use the gifts I have and to further develop them. You are a delight and joy in my inbox of email.
    Thank you, for you, Bernadette

  40. Heidi Segner says:

    I regularly check out your website to see your amazing art. I discovered it through your cousin Joe who used to manage the Iowa Arboretum. You inspire me and teach me so much! Thank you for taking the time to post.

  41. Congratulations, Shari. I enjoy your blog immensely – long may you continue to paint and draw and write about it!

  42. John Hume says:

    Posting every day for 5 years is an amazing accomplishment of itself. I would be interested to read a post on what you have learned from the experience.

    I set a goal a number of years ago to draw every day for a year. 118 days into it I missed a day and had to start all over. Some days were very minor scratching that barely fulfilled the requirements, but those scratchings laid the groundwork for the more time intensive drawings that followed.

    • John, over the years I have posted, often on anniversaries, about what I have learned. I guess it’s a good time to do it again. I often worry about repeating myself and boring people but there are always new readers, I guess. I will certainly think about it. Thanks for following along on this journey. And glad to hear about your own work too.

  43. Barb says:

    Good time to say how thankful I am for you and sketching. It has extended my camera eye tremendously. A whole different joy for sure. We had Heavy rain and wind yesterday but today is bright and sunny like your lovely sketches. Thanks Shari for all your sharings Batb

  44. mirobolante says:

    C´est nous, tes fidèles suiveurs, qui devons fêter les cinq ans de plaisir que l´on a eu avec ton blog. Je me rappelle très bien le jour où j´ai découvert ton inimitable style dont je ne me lasse pas.
    Merci Shari.

  45. Adele Montgomery says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. A definite inspiration!

  46. Barbara Beynon says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Shari! I am thankful for your blog–an inspiration to me each day it appears. Truly one of the positive, near magical aspects of the internet–helping the deluge of negativity fade away.

  47. Judy Sopher says:

    I add my thanks as well. Shari, you started me back using watercolors after watching your classes. It is something I had always wanted to do but never felt comfortable with them. Now I sketch/paint daily and look forward to your blogs. I can’t tell you how much this has added to my life. Happy anniversary and never stop.

  48. Mary Duncan says:

    I check every day to see what you have posted 🤗

  49. holmar58 says:

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving… I enjoy your blog so much…your artwork inspires me to try urban sketching …I especially love your Montreal area sketches because I was born there and most of my siblings live on the West Island.

  50. holmar58 says:

    Happy anniversary on your wonderful blog…great sketch too Shari!

  51. linder322 says:

    Happy Anniversary on your blog! If it hadn’t been for your blog you may never have come to
    Portland and given us a chance to meet you and learn from you! Thanks for your hard work and your generosity of spirit. Your sharing of pigments and techniques inspires so many. Plus we just love looking at your beautiful work!

  52. Lee Kline says:

    Love that clear glass vase. Looks like it is getting colder. Time for thinking about a visit to Florida, Sherie.

  53. Carole Duncan. says:

    Hello Shari. This is my first comment ever on a blog…but I just had to comment this time and say that I agree with all the previous comments and congratulations. Your paintings and comments are always a joy…and I also want to thank you for being so generous with sharing all your inspirational paintings and colour tips and techniques. Your blog and all your followers comments are always positive and this in itself is a great achievement. Keep up the good work as obviously you are making a lot of people very happy every time you post and inspiring us to get out our paints and enjoy our creative pursuits.
    I must say I was wishing I was there with you a few days ago on your outing with the other two of my favourite bloggers…Marc and my fellow Aussie Jane. What a talented and generous trio you are. Congratulations and best wishes…Carole.

  54. chris kopet says:

    And Thanks to you! Your paintings are always welcome in my inbox and my day. I am a fan of your art.

  55. Jeff Gold says:

    Congratulations on five years of wonderful art, thoughtful and generous teaching, and unending inspiration. Your blog is an important part of so many people’s daily routines and you should be very proud of the positive influence it has had on all of us. It’s something to really celebrate.

  56. Beste Barki says:

    It is great to have an inspirational blog and to celebrate it. We celebrate with you.

  57. Janice Kelly says:

    Happy Anniversary Shari. It has been such a delight to see your sketches and so inspirational to read your blog that I hope you will continue it for a very long time. As a former Montrealer, it’s also a joy to see some of the places I remember so well – like Marché Jean Talon. Thanks for all of it.

  58. Alison says:

    It really has been quite the journey Shari! Almost as remarkable as the five years of posts is the fact that you read and usually respond to all the comments. I’ve done a rough estimate and figure there have been about 20,000 comments. So BRAVO on all fronts. You are amazing!

  59. Kristine says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I love seeing your posts – am a newbie as just this past summer joined both your Craftsy courses and love your teaching – have learned so much in these early stages of sketching. Looking forward to all you are sharing on a regular basis.

  60. Donna says:

    Always a pleasure to look at your blog. I hope you will continue for a long time. I find I now think differently when sketching outdoors. Hope you had a joyous Thanksgiving.

  61. That’s awesome! Happy anniversary! 👏 I’m approaching the end of my 3rd year and I feel like every time I hit a lull or low point, I decide I will not stop and stick with it and that leads to more growth in my creativity. 5 years is definitely worth celebrating!🎉

    • Thanks so much Eileen. I feel exactly as you do about the blog. There are always ups and down both in life and in art but I’ve always found that sticking with it pays off in many ways. Sometimes it leads to new creative avenues and sometimes it is just the process that is beneficial even if it doesn’t lead to anything great.

  62. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary! Your blog is a treat to all of us. We are very thankful. Great paintings from the market…you even did two! I was lucky enough to meet Jane when she joined the NYC Urban Sketchers when she was in NY…nice lady!

  63. rosjenke says:

    5 years of absolute pleasure to view your inspirational paintings and read your posts. Thank you ❤️

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