From the window

Days and days of rain in the forecast, and possibly some snowflakes tomorrow. Sigh. Painting from indoors or from the car may be the norm for the next few months. I wanted to get out to sketch some of the autumn trees in the neighbourhood but there was too much rain so I painted a view from my window today.

If you are planning on joining Urban Sketchers Montreal this Sunday, please take note of the change in venue. Instead of Carré St. Louis, we will be meeting and sketching at La Grande Bibliothèque where we will stay warm and dry. There’s plenty to sketch from there — the architecture, the views from the windows, or the visitors in the library. More details here, and hope to see you Sunday.


5 Comments on “From the window”

  1. mary Duncan says:

    Oh Shari looks cold there !! Would love to be there to sketch that kind of tree and that kind of weather but instead it is still hot here in Arizona and Palm trees are no fun to sketch !!


  2. Monique says:

    Did you say snow?
    I still have to plant my garlic:(
    Shari I love the movement in the branches..and leaves..looks like today..


  3. Barb d says:

    love your greens Shari, and the sign of the prevailing wind . lovely composition. barb d.


  4. I can’t believe it is time to paint from inside already! Lucky you had a great view for this lovely painting. I am hopefully heading to warmer weather…driving as far as San Antonio, TX. We’re in VA now and today was cold and blustery. I didn’t bring anything warm with me. lol


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