Changing fast

The suns sets so early now that we are in Eastern Standard Time. Of course it’s a welcome change because it’s lighter in the morning when I go to school, but since I mostly sketch in the afternoon, there is little light left after 4 pm. I find myself sketching with a sense of dread, waiting for my subject to disappear into the fading light. This afternoon the shadows were sharp but they didn’t last long so I painted quickly.

I tried another Princeton brush today, this time a small flat — a Heritage 4050 Synthetic sable 1/2″ wash brush. I love painting with flats, but I am used to brushes that have a thicker belly and hold more water. This one is great for smaller areas but I had difficulty gathering up enough wash to get me all the way through the sky. You can see areas where the blue wash started to dry before I was able to wet the brush again. Flats are wonderful for painting straight edges of buildings, poles and trees trunks, big chunks of foliage, etc., but I would need a bigger size for large wash areas. The brush has good spring and a nice sharp edge, so I’ll be saving it for the detail work in my sketches when I use more pigment and less water. In this sketch I liked it best for painting the dark foliage and shadows under the eaves.


9 Comments on “Changing fast”

  1. EXCELLENT! Can I move to your house if Trump wins?


  2. The day seems to be over so quickly now with the sun setting so early. Glad you were able to capture this great scene before the light was gone. Lovely!


  3. Suzy Powell says:

    Shari I LOVE LIVE THIS!!


  4. ChesapkLady says:

    Your work is fascinating, and I always find myself wondering: which came first, the pen and ink or the washes and colors. I’m pretty sure I know, but would love to watch a video of you doing one of these brilliant paintings. You make it look so easy, and it isn’t. That I DO know!


  5. Monique says:

    I love these scenes of yours.Always.


  6. Judy Sopher says:

    Love this as always. Your urban scenes are so special.


  7. Your painting takes me back to Montreal, to Melrose and Sherbrook.
    I’m curious-how big is the painting?


  8. Lee Kline says:

    Today, Canada looks more beautiful than ever before in my life……


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