Late fall

You have to look pretty hard to see colour in the landscape today. At first glance it’s all grey but then you notice that some of those greys are greenish and some are reddish. In fact, it’s such a dreary day that even at 3 p.m. I could have used a headlamp to paint from my car. When the colours are that subtle, I use a limited palette — this time Cerulean Blue, Organic Vermillion and Hansa Yellow Medium. The mixes that I get from this primary triad of colour are both muted and granulating. Sketched on a block of Fluid CP paper, 8″ x 8″.


14 Comments on “Late fall”

  1. Bower Stephanie says:

    Shari, you have GOT to do a book! You are a true master, just beautiful.


  2. Judy Sopher says:

    Trees are one of your specialties. Love it. Will have to try that limited palette. What is Fluid paper? I know the CP is cold Press.


  3. Reissa Rapkin says:

    I love this picture


  4. Barb says:

    cool but not cold still but quietly vibrant. Very lovely. Are they small beech trees ? such smooth bark Oh but what a prevailing wind there . Have you tried an Led head lamp?


    • Hi Barb, I haven’t tried a head lamp because I always head for home when it gets too dark. Not sure what these trees are. They are very tall but I always see them in winter when the leaves have fallen so they are hard for me to identify. I’ll have to wait until spring to check again.


  5. Lisa Daniels says:

    Good Morning Shari
    I love your work!! You inspire each day. If you would like to get out of the cold this winter I would love for you to come to Palmetto Bluff for some rest and painting. Just let me know.


    • Lisa, you are very kind. I would love to come to Palmetto Bluff for some rest and painting. Do you have a group that wants to paint with me? I have a week off in March. We can talk if you’d like. With the snow on the ground now, Palmetto Bluff sounds very appealing.


  6. Wonderful variety of greys! Lovely!!!


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