A few wheelbarrows

The wheelbarrow in a dark corner of my garden always comes alive in winter. I raced home from work today to sketch it, hoping the sun wouldn’t melt the little bit of snow that was still on it. I was in luck. While I sketched, I had a great conversation with Rob, who is painting a few rooms in my house. We compared painting notes, both on walls and on paper, and I told Rob that I had been painting this wheelbarrow for years. And then I started thinking about how many times I had painted it, which led me to counting the sketches in my files. I found 17 wheelbarrows in all, and there may be even more if I look at little harder.


Here are a few I have done over the years. As you can see, I do more sketching than gardening because I could only find one sketch of the wheelbarrow in use.


36 Comments on “A few wheelbarrows”

  1. karim waked says:

    Love the montage, the different light and moods.


    ***Karimobile 514 9944433


  2. I always look forward to your wheelbarrow paintings. Seeing the montage from years past is particularly special. Thanks, Shari.


  3. Kate McDaniel says:

    That’s a well loved wheelbarrow, nice work!


  4. Julana says:

    You got your money’s worth from that wheelbarrow!


  5. I love it! the one in which the wheel barrow is being “used” isn’t even in water-colors-so inferior!
    Do stick to painting and forget the gardening, Shari.The paintings are worth a freezer full of vegetables.


  6. Susan says:

    But wait. Did your neighbour replace his fence?


  7. linder322 says:

    What a wonderful collection of sketches of your beloved red wheelbarrow! The collage must be so rewarding for you to see. I have been meaning to ask you for some time how you achieve such lovely ‘beiges’, for lack of a better word. Your pale neutrals are so lovely and something I’ve never quite mastered. When you have time….


    • It was kind of fun to put the collage together Linda. There’s no secret to the beiges. It is a light wash of whatever is in the corners of my palette. With a little raw sienna to warm it all up. Or if my palette is clean, a little raw sienna mixed with a little purple. That makes a nice beige.


  8. Joon boody says:

    Very interesting..thanks,great lesson


  9. M. L. Kappa says:

    Inspiration is an amazing thing! A boring, common wheelbarrow and yet you can’t stop sketching it. With me, it’s pomegranates… This is one of the most Christmassy sketches ever💕💕


  10. TonyU says:

    ‘Like London buses’ as we say in the U.K. ….. you wait ages for one to come along and then loads turn up together! And now I know it’s time to start thinking about Christmas too ….


    • I think they say that here in Montreal too, and they even have a term for it. They call it “bunching” so I guess London is not alone in that. On the radio this morning they were discussing creating some sort of app to prevent it, so maybe we can license it to the city of London.


  11. Judy Sopher says:

    Its always hard to write anything original in praise of your work if others have commented first. But these are wonderful. The wheelbarrow is almost a person seen in many phases. I have an old wheelbarrow that I used for years when we were younger and had horses. It brings back so many memories and now I think I’ll get it out and paint it. Thanks.


  12. TonyU says:

    Re London buses and wheelbarrows – meant to have added that we’re always delighted to see them no matter when and how many turn up 🙂


  13. anne farmer says:

    That wheelbarrow should be designated a National Treasure!


  14. Wheelbarrows are my favorite garden tool. I need to give mine a place of honor on the paper. Thanks for the inspiration! [And Happy Thanksgiving, from the states.]


  15. Monique says:

    I have always loved your wheelbarrows! Love the collage Shari.


  16. Bernadette says:

    In itself, each painting is great but seen together through changes of light and snow accumulation over years of study…it is wonderful! I hope your paintings give you as much delight as they bring to so many of us who view them. Thank you for the blessing you are to those of us who love watching you paint.
    Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.


  17. I love seeing your series. I find it is always interesting and enriching to see the same object, theme or subject done at different moments of the day, year, or in your case years. Great idea !


  18. Most people paint something once and are done with it, but I’m glad to see so many versions of the wheelbarrow. Looks what a little snow does for it! Lovely!!!


  19. Marion Hodge says:

    Ah yes – but you can tell it has shifted position. I have grown very fond of your wheelbarrow. I have a tiny corner in my garden that has been sketched many times throughout the seasons. Plus, when I sit in my bee and bird jungle I really start to notice things – there is so much learning to be gained by slowing down and observing deeply.


  20. I’m getting so inspired by your work


  21. Anthony says:

    Even though I’m a huge fan of paintings, but can’t able to sketch like you. Sooth to say, I’m very much stimulated by your delighted work.


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