One eye watching

Alice wants a walk and I want to draw. It’s a battle of wills. For me, taking a bit of time to draw is a celebration of sorts —classes are done for this semester, which means that once grading is done I’ll have more time to paint. I sit down with my sketchbook, knowing that my model could get up at any time. Alice watches me with one eye, waiting for a sign. If I draw quietly without moving around too much, she stays put. But as soon as my chair makes a creaking sound, as soon as I close my sketchbook, that’s her signal that it’s walking time.


36 Comments on “One eye watching”

  1. Cleti Cervoni says:

    I love this cozy scene.


  2. barb says:

    I know that one eye stare Shari, My Teddy ( a Chi) is even more persuavive, , he lies at the open door of my den with his chin on his favourite throwing toy. They have us well trained. Love the sketch and story. Barb


  3. Lee Kline says:

    What a wonderful, loyal and patient friend Alice is!


  4. anne farmer says:

    sweet dog – lovely drawiing


  5. I have one of those too. It is shoes that is his trigger. you put on a shoe and his go crazy switch comes on.
    Your drawing is very nice as is all your work.


  6. loisajay says:

    Nothing gets by our fur babies. Such a sweet capture.


  7. Gorgeous – dog and drawing both!


  8. Dee says:

    Great pose your dog has chosen….or did you discuss it before hand? Love it!


  9. Wayne Bissky says:

    I’m a sucker for a wonderful sketch and dog combo! Thanks once again for sharing!


  10. Oh what a wonderful sketch both in prose and pencil!
    Is Alice a warm chestnut color? i can’t wait to see the painting.


  11. Joan Tavolot says:

    At least she doesn’t pester you the minute you sit down. lol Nice sketch of her.


  12. Gerry Draper says:

    I am so enjoying receiving the sketches and the commentaries that go along with each. I know the relief of finishing finals and having some free days as I am a retired college teacher. I am currently enrolled in the pen and ink landscape class on Craftsy but have not done anything yet. I plan to watch all the lessons first, then rewatch as I do the assignments. Thanks so much for all your inspiration!


    “The Lord reigns; let the earth rejoice.” Psalm 97:1


    • Hi Gerry, So glad to hear that you enrolled in the Craftsy class! Thanks for that. I hope you enjoy it. I think it’s a great idea to watch it all the way through one time, and then go back and try the exercises. You may learn more than if you try to paint at the same time.


  13. SusanA says:

    I love your Alice sketches. I know that hopeful one-eyed watch. I can’t even twitch around my dogs without them jumping up, hoping I’ll do the same and take them for a walk.


  14. I’ve been thinking lately about how I could become the best draughtsman that ever lived: all I need to do is draw my dog EVERY time she whines. I’m thinking that I’d be better than Michelangelo — when it comes to drawing dogs — if I ever take up the challenge — because my dog WHINES ALL THE TIME. What a drama queen. But walks and stuff are important …. Love your dog drawing. Your dog is patient! Good dog!


  15. Wow, you get really far with drawing while staying almost motionless!


  16. I enjoyed reading and looking at your drawing.


  17. bruce says:

    alice’s friends must be quite envious of her growing collection of fine portraits.


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