#OneWeek100People2017: Day three

Day three of #OneWeek100People2017: lessons learned.
Lesson one: don’t go to a mall near your home to draw. I ran into a colleague, a friend and a neighbour who all stopped to say hello. That really cut into the drawing time. Also, the mall lighting can sometimes be really flat.
Lesson two: People in malls don’t stay seated as long as people in cafés. I made a few starts (#42, #51) but the models walked away before I was done drawing.
Lesson three: Standing figures are much faster to draw than seated portraits. When I started to get tired I picked a bench near the passport office and drew the people standing in line. The last six for today (54-59) were the most spontaneous and the most fun to do.


10 Comments on “#OneWeek100People2017: Day three”

  1. designsweet says:

    I do like No 48!


  2. Paula Seixas says:

    I am enjoying your drawings so much, Shari

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  3. Billie Barton (ClermontPB) says:

    I am enjoying seeing all these figures! I think your choice of materials used was a super choice! I love following you!


  4. SusanA says:

    I’m loving these three days of people, Shari. You may find some to be more successful than others, but I find each one to be so evocative! What you can do with only a brush and gray paint is incredible.


  5. aliquo says:

    Nice work as always. I particularly like 42, 46, and 58.


  6. rosjenke says:

    Beautiful economy of line in those last images, almost like calligraphy.


  7. Fun, fun, fun.. I liked the first one best, then enjoyed the great faces you captures..


  8. Judy Sopher says:

    52-58 are my favorites. Maybe I just like people leaving? Seriously this whole thing has been a learning experience. Have tried different pens, pencil and ink and various papers. Since the sketches were fast and small, it was easy to change. Still with one eye.


  9. joantav says:

    I like #57 the best of this group. You are really able to catch so much in just a few lines. I thought about you sketching by the post office line and was inspired to go to our local motor vehicle department. I had captive models there today.


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