Brushes with a brush pen

“What can I dig up in my studio to draw with?” was what I was thinking as I watched the snow falling outside this morning. Yes, snow. In May. But I’m not complaining about the temperature because with the flooding around Montreal things could be worse. Anyway, I looked around a bit and found my brush pen, which I love using but often forget to pack. It’s in a need of a new cartridge, so the ink had to be coaxed out a bit but in some ways that makes it more interesting to use. I can get line and tone at the same time and fill in the black areas pretty quickly too. Sketched in a Stillman & Birn Beta softcover sketchbook.


13 Comments on “Brushes with a brush pen”

  1. Glad to know you are high and dry — it is awful to watch all the flood victims. I’ve been thinking of you and your precious work, hoping you (and they) were safe. These brushes are as beautiful in B&W as your colourful bouquets!


    • Thanks for thinking of me Lisa. Yes, we are fine but I know lots of people who have had to move out of their houses. For some, it is because their streets are flooded but not their houses, for others it is because of the threat of the sewer backup and for one of my students, it is the closure of a major bridge that has her trapped at home. It’s pretty crazy.

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  2. TonyU says:

    Sorry to hear about more snow and floods too. Lots of brushes …. but so neat and tidy. Shame we can’t conjure up an almost empty cartridge all the time for that lovely charcoal effect. Sad to think that this time last year Galway was still to come …. but sure you have lots of trips as well as Chicago to look forward to. Best, Tony


    • Hi Tony. I once spent an entire day tidying up in my studio, which included sorting pens by brand. Sharpies in one receptacle, Microns in another, pencils in another. I have managed to keep them sorted that way which makes things easy when I need something. But of course there are the other parts of my studio which are not so neat…
      It’s funny that you mention Galway. I was just updating my website, adding new paintings, and I created a new section for Galway and Manchester. So much has happened since then, it seems like so long ago.
      And yes, I am looking forward to the summer with some travel in there. Hopefully lots of painting too. Hope you have some good travel scheduled too.


  3. DiniAlice says:

    I love that you always find something to paint – no excuses – so encouraging! Thanks for the link about flooding. My prayer for those affected. We have had flood warnings for weeks here in southwestern Idaho. No bad flooding yet, just high water from the worst winter in 35 years.


    • I try to sketch every day, without excuse. I do it for me, but if others are encouraged by it, even better. It seems to be quite a year for flooding in Canada. Both coasts are affected… This is very unusual for Quebec. Stay dry and thanks for your good wishes.


  4. Lynn says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented how clever so many of your ‘Titles’ for the day are – they always delight me.
    Surprised you leave your makers stored upright, either pointing up or down, as I always try to lay mine down flat to avoid drying out or oozing. Whatever works – always.
    So sorry for everyone caught in the flooding.


    • Thanks for that Lynn. I do spend some time thinking about those titles, so I appreciate your comment about them. As for the markers, keeping them flat is news to me. I guess I’ll have to change my studio setup, even though I like having them in cups and jars.


  5. joantav says:

    It is so different to see a sketch from you without color…which makes this all the more striking and lovely!!! Glad to hear you didn’t have any flooding problems. My thoughts are with those that have been having problems.


  6. lyncrain says:

    I love the black and white contrast in your sketch. It gave me an insight into an artist’s world.

    I’m glad to hear you’re not in a flood area. I pray for those who were not as fortunate. This year seems like there have been so many weather-related issues.


    • Thanks so much Lyn. Yes, many weather issues this year. I don’t know where you live but it’s quite a disaster in Quebec. Thankfully the water levels seem to be levelling off or receding this week.

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      • lyncrain says:

        I’m in New Jersey, we’ve been very lucky in our area. Northern Jersey flooded last weekend. Did you see the crazy hail storm Denver had yesterday and more snow ❄️. Mother Nature is having way too much fun 😞


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