Plate of cherries

I’ve painted lots of fruit but this may be a first for cherries. These were great fun to paint because when you look carefully at each one you see so many colours. The lightest ones go from red to orange and others are so dark that I had to mix up a black from Alizarin and Phthalo Green to obtain the intensity I wanted. The fruit also picks up little bounces of light from the plate so in some places I tried to give a hint of that too. When I paint something this dark I aim for a deep colour to start with, in this case Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Rose, Ultramarine Blue and Phthalo Blue, with a little yellow to warm up a few of the fruit. If you want clean colour, you don’t want to paint this in too many layers because you’ll lose the freshness of the paint. Sketched in a Handbook Watercolour Journal, 5.5″ x 8.5″.Cherries


12 Comments on “Plate of cherries”

  1. Gaelle1947 says:

    Oh Yum!! Who says life can’t be a bowl of cherries!


  2. Suzanne Tractenberg says:

    Good one! …and thanks for saying what colors you used. It’s very helpful. Suzanne in San Diego

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  3. Edda Blume says:

    Gorgeous painting! And thank you for explaining the color choices. I always have a hard time getting dark darks and still have some lightness and transparency. You are a master at that


  4. marclepine says:

    So beautiful. Thanks for revealing the colours. The plate is amazingly subtle.


  5. Norma says:

    Wow! They look good enough to eat!


  6. Linda Murray says:

    Nice, Shari. Really nice!


  7. Judy Sopher says:

    Great cherries, which are among my favorite fruits. I have always found them hard to paint. Maybe I did use too many layers. I also appreciate you explaining your colors.


  8. anne farmer says:

    Fabulous! Is this a mixture of wet-in-wet or just layering? The control is stunning. Thanks for detail on colours.


  9. Alison says:

    Now that’s juicy colour! Lovely composition, as always.


  10. Birte says:

    They look so real, like to pick one or two. I appreciate you telling which colours you used. Always a challenge to choose the right
    ones. Thank you.


  11. Janine says:

    Whoever said these are “juicy” is spot on! Yum!!! A treat for the eyes and a sure sign that summer is its way.


  12. Plume de soi(e) says:

    Contente de voir ton blog, c’est Issy de flirck qui m’a donné ton lien. Je suis plume de soi(e) sur flirck, nous avons un peu les mêmes thèmes. Je trouve que ce serait bien d’échanger. Je suis architecte et enseignante en design. Bien à toi C


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