The shadows of peppers and pears

On a rainy Sunday afternoon there are a few things on my counter that I will be using in recipes later today (although unlikely they will all be in one dish!). Before I start chopping, I take out my sketchbook to capture their shapes and colours. I try to paint the shadows of the objects at the same time as the objects themselves, hoping a little of the fruit colour will work itself down into the shadow colour, or that a little shadow will creep up into the fruit (this happened in the pears). Sketched in a Handbook Watercolour Journal, 8″ x 5″.


6 Comments on “The shadows of peppers and pears”

  1. Kristin Johnsen says:

    Love it – and love the white highlights! I never leave enough – these look just right!


  2. Judy Sopher says:

    Nice painting. But–what are you going to make?


  3. I like your idea of doing the shadows at the same time as the object so the colors bleed into each other. Love the highlight you saved on the pepper.


  4. I have yet to paint with watercolors and revive my art in drawing; your watercolors are so beautiful and inspiring. I have no idea where to start? I love all your work!


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