Urban Sketchers Symposium in Porto, Portugal

I’m thrilled and honoured once again to be teaching this summer at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Porto, Portugal from July 18-21, 2018. The lineup of instructors and workshops is really spectacular! Registration starts on Saturday, February 17th at 15:00hrs GMT, and as always, tickets are likely to sell out quickly. Have a look at the full lineup of instructors and workshops: http://www.urbansketchers.org/p/usk-porto-2018.html

My workshop is called “Right up your alley: light, colour and shadow in Porto’s narrow spaces”. Looking at the possible workshop locations when I was writing my symposium proposal, I was intrigued by the patchwork of colour in the city’s narrow and hilly streets. This is something I often seek out when looking for places to sketch in Montreal, so I’m excited by the possibility of sketching these spaces in Porto. Have a look at a detailed document with all the workshop descriptions here. Hope to see you in Portugal!





6 Comments on “Urban Sketchers Symposium in Porto, Portugal”

  1. John says:

    So looking forward to seeing your work from this symposium Shari. I’ve just booked a holiday to Porto – my first visit- in October and am sure your sketches will whet my appetite!


  2. -N- says:

    Have a wonderful time! I am sure you and your students will be thrilled~


  3. ChesapkLady says:

    Sigh. . . I so wish I could sign up for your workshop. These examples are tantalizing and instructive, all on their own!


  4. joantav says:

    I will be ready at 10 am NY time to register for my pass. I wish we could register for workshops at the same time. Congrats on being selected. Will see you there!


  5. Sheila Brown says:

    Lisa and I are registered for Porto! See you there.


  6. Pardon me for being repetitive, but … I absolutely love your watercolour sketches. I’m not an artist and can’t say anything meaningful (to you) about them, but I just appreciate them so much that I want you to know.


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