Lisa’s bouquet

Lisa left her Valentine’s bouquet at my house on her way to a ski trip. She didn’t want the flowers to die, and she probably knew I would get around to sketching them, eventually. But the week was busy and I didn’t even pick up a pencil or paintbrush. The only writing implement I held in my hand was a red pen, as I graded a pile of student projects. The grading is done, for now, and in celebration of that, as well as the end of the week, I finally painted the (now) faded bouquet.


20 Comments on “Lisa’s bouquet”

  1. Rita M Cleary says:

    I always like your simple, “unfinished”, quickie backgrounds and (in this one) simple one-stroke shadows. Always look so good!


  2. Carol says:

    lovely as always.


  3. Alison says:

    And I always like your glass, stems, water…. the wilted Mum is great.


  4. Jauch says:

    I liked very much! 🙂


  5. Judy Sopher says:

    I have to just ditto the above. So lovely and also love your rendition of the glass vase. I was watching your class and how you painted the Molly Brown House. (did I remember that right?)Was amazed at how loose you were able to paint that detail. I know I am getting too tight even tho I also know we each have our own style.


    • Thanks Judy, as always. Tip of the day: If you find you are getting too tight in your work, use a larger brush. That will force you to work loosely.


      • Judy Sopher says:

        You are so right. I noticed the large brush you were using and was amazed at how you could paint with it. So I did pull out a larger brush . It makes a difference. Will take a little getting used to. Thanks.


  6. ArtReach says:

    Lisa will love it!


  7. Lisa Mastorakos says:

    It didn’t even cross my mind that you might sketch the flowers, but I’m glad that you did. Lovely!


  8. Eileen Sim says:

    How lovely (is the sketch). I would be passing you lots of things if I was Lisa.


  9. joantav says:

    Glad your friend left her flowers with you. This is lovely!!! I think when floral bouquets are past their perfect look they have more charm to them.


  10. -N- says:

    I certainly see Charles Reid’s influence here. Like you, I admire his work. I also like loose brushwork – that casual air that seems so effortless! I still need to get to that point in my own work. Very enjoyable in the dead of winter. Me, I have been painting snow all week because I haven’t seen it in years.


  11. Mary McMahon says:

    Lovely ! Makes me long for springtime flowers… ; ) The language of flowers always uplift the soul. Thanks for sharing your talent !.


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