Brush pen or black graphite: OneWeek100People is back!

I’m gearing up for some intense people sketching as “One Week 100 People 2018” approaches. I participated in this last year and managed to draw 100 people, which seemed like something worth celebrating once it was done. My people sketching skills probably improved as the week went on, I talked to so many people as I sketched, and I look forward to the challenge again, although it may involve drinking more cups of Tim Horton’s coffee than I am used to. Luckily Roll-up-the-rim is on now, so I may win a free donut in the process.

When I heard that Marc Holmes and Liz Steel were organizing this again from March 5-9, I started thinking about the materials I would use. Last year I sketched all 100 people with a brush and Payne’s Grey watercolour (no preliminary drawing), and I intend to limit my materials again. I went to the mall today to draw the shoppers and test a few things out.

I love drawing with a brush, so I will eliminate pencil drawing once again. This also saves lots of time when you need to draw 20 people per day. A few weeks ago I bought a Carbon Black water-soluble graphite block and used that for my first few drawings. I love it. The blacks you get are deep and dark, and it’s very portable.



I also tried a few sketches with a water-soluble brush pen, which is really fun to use. The line on this literally disappears when you touch it with water, and you get some really great effects with it. BrushPen1

I love how this girl’s curls blended into her jacket.BrushPen2

And how this guy’s cap and hair formed one shape.BrushPen3

I guess I’ll have to decide over the weekend which way I will go so I’m prepared for people sketching on Monday morning. It will be exciting to see sketches from around the world on social media, and if you post, don’t forget to use the hashtag #OneWeek100People2018.



15 Comments on “Brush pen or black graphite: OneWeek100People is back!”

  1. Rita says:

    Shari….as usual, your sketches are great. I planned to do this challenge again this year, but it’s hard because I am always so disappointed in my work. I forgot the exact dates, and was thinking I was 3 days behind (haven’t done any) until I read your post and saw that hasn”t started yet! Duh. So now I will try to do it…not likely to get 100, but whatever. Maybe I’ll get on a roll! 😊


    • The point is not to judge your own work Rita. Just keep drawing and they will improve for sure. Some will be good, and some will be bad, and then suddenly there will be more good ones than bad ones. That’s what I found last year. good luck!


  2. blissfullycreating says:

    these are awesome!!


  3. flblackwell flblackwell says:

    Hi, Shari,

    My apologies for bothering you with this question but I was wondering where I would post my drawings for “OneWeek100 People “. I’ve looked at Marc’s website but I can’t find it.

    Thanks, Leslie



    • HI Leslie, It’s no bother at all! Most people post on Facebook or Instagram. And I guess on their personal websites. But if you want to see them, you can do a search by using the hashtag I posted. And if you want to post your own, just get on Instagram and start posting!


  4. christiane says:

    These are awesome ! I love my artgraph blocks, we can use them so many ways !


  5. luba Kolomycky says:

    Hey mme Sketcher, where does this take place?

    Sent from Luba’s iPhone


  6. timdada says:

    Very nice!




  7. Alison says:

    Inspiring! I particularly like the sketch of the fellow with the glasses. I’m gearing up to give it a go this year. I already have a free coffee to collect at Tim’s.


  8. Laura says:

    Shari, could you please tell me what water soluble brush pen you used for this? Thank you.


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