Spring fever

I sketch in my own suburban surroundings so often that a journey into downtown Montreal seems like an exotic vacation to another city. There’s no doubt that the current traffic issues are a deterrent. It seems like a colossal waste of time to spend over two hours in traffic for a one hour sketching break. And yet, when I must go into town for another reason, I will find every excuse to get there early and fit a sketch in.

I never know what sights will attract me when I arrive in town but yesterday a free parking spot on the perimeter of Parc Lafontaine determined my location and an empty park bench with a view of the greystones had my name on it. I’d forgotten how beautiful this park is, and for a moment or two I felt like I was in New York City. All the signs of spring surrounded me — trees leafing out, two lovers embracing on the next bench, tulips in full bloom, a gaggle of teens shrieking atop the Dollard statue — and it was a reminder to find a reason to get into town more often.


8 Comments on “Spring fever”

  1. Jeff Gold says:

    I love the loose “sketchiness” of this one. But through the squiggles there lies a structure in the composition that still works beautifully to hold it together. And the color…yum!


  2. A very good post and sketch. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Judy Sopher says:

    Love anything you paint about about Montreal. Reading the Armand Ganache books (I’m on book 8), I have bought several maps and tour books of both Montreal and Quebec city. Someday I will get there.


  4. Gorgeous as usual Shari. Lucky you to be able to get downtown. (Dare I suggest a little more contrast?)


  5. Chris Rusk says:

    Really nice. You captured one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Montreal – Le Poisson Rouge (The Goldfish) restaurant is close by, as is the street where my maternal ancestors once lived. Your work lives 🙂


  6. Dear Shari, I love all your sketches of Montreal perhaps especially the suburbs as my son and daughter in law lived on Monroe street off Sherbrook during the years they danced with Les Grand Ballet de Montreal.I loved visiting them there and walking the streets and parks.it’s a nice livable city.


  7. It’s a toss up of what is better, your art work or your stories. In the event you don’t already know, I love both!


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