Alice at home

During my time in Europe I was frequently asked about Alice the dog. Since I draw her so often, people were genuinely concerned about her well-being while I was away. I am happy to report that whenever I’m out of town she is very lovingly cared for by a family, in a private home, in the company of other dogs. And while she gets plenty of exercise and love, she certainly doesn’t get sketched. So today I sketched her after our walk, using a new pencil that came in the Urban Sketchers Symposium goodie bag.

I always save all those art supplies — generously donated by sponsors — for when I get home and can try them out at my leisure. This year’s bag was particularly wonderful because it included a clutch pencil set from Art Alternatives as well as a tiny bottle of port wine!


12 Comments on “Alice at home”

  1. ksbeth says:

    good to know. what a doll –


  2. SONI says:

    Welcome home – I’ll bet Alice went wild seeing you again. All your European scenes were fabulous – really top notch & loved your reports. Love the delicacy of Alice’s supreme contentment. Enjoy that port wine – you earned it !!

    Looking forward to more and always thankful you do this.


    • HI Soni,
      Alice did go wild when I went to get her. She cried with joy all the way home. It was a long time for her to be away, and yes, she is very content to be home. I still have lots to post from my travels but had to sketch her first! Thanks for following along.


  3. Judy Sopher says:

    I would love to find a place like that to take care of our two dogs so I could enjoy our travels. I always worry about them.

    And your drawing of Alice is wonderful, as always.

    The best part of the bag may be the wine. Does everyone in the workshop get a similar bag? So nice.


  4. Lee Kline says:

    I can see that Alice is a good dog.


  5. Agnès Bolley-Vittot says:

    Great to see Alice again, The goodie bag must have been different for the instructors because I did not get any Porto wine nor the clutch pencils…..


    • Hi Agnès! I think it was a little bit different. I saw someone using ink that was in the participant good bag and we never received that, so I guess it depends on the sponsors and how much they donate. I hope you had a good time at the symposium and hope you managed to taste the port even though it wasn’t in your bag! Shari


  6. Alison says:

    Alice seems happy to be home on her own bed. Lovely sketch… as always.


  7. Bernadette says:

    This rendering and pose is exceptionally striking. You love comes through pencil markings.


    • Ineke says:

      I agree, Bernadette and we can see in the sketch the peace in Alice’s face of having her “Mom” home again. She looks as if she is having a very peaceful sleep.


  8. monique says:

    The wine is such a charming addition:) She looks so relaxed.I want what she’s had:)


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