Two pines

Lac Ashton was mirror still when I sketched these two pines from a picture window at a friend’s house. With a grey sky and a light mist falling, the scene was almost monochrome, but for the slightest yellowing of the trees across the lake. The first signs of autumn, no doubt.

I was intending to paint the scene with just two colours — Prussian Blue and Burnt Sienna  — because I love using a limited palette on misty days like this, but after I painted the first tree I decided that it might be interesting to use a different mix for the second tree. I switched over to Alizarin Crimson and Phthalo Green, which combine to make a more neutral grey, or even black if you use them at full strength. I haven’t shared any of the content of my upcoming book yet, but I can say that a good chunk of it is devoted to interesting mixes for greys and neutral colour, something that I use quite often, especially in winter.


11 Comments on “Two pines”

  1. Dee Ludwig says:

    I was taught to use alizarin and Phaelo green for black in my first lessons over 30 years ago, but I haven‘t heard anyone suggest it in years! Will start trying it again!


  2. lise says:

    wow ! Belle maîtrise Shari …. ça a l’air facile, mais pour moi si difficile …


  3. Can’t wait for that book! I struggle with greys and neutrals for some reason.
    The character of these trees is beautifully captured! And the sense of depth. Nice view!


  4. Benadette says:

    So so nice! I struggle with landscapes because of the complexities, foreground, middle ground and background. You handle the scene so well. My eye delights in the simplicity of your work. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Soni says:

    This really is my big wish granted – I’ve wanted your input on your greys in depth – thanks so much for this & I’m chomping the bit for April

    Love this painting


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  6. Julie says:

    LoveThem ‼️


  7. Mj Hoop says:

    Lovely painting. Looking forward to your new book. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Miquel Matas says:

    Your new book will be for sale on April 4, 2019!! so, the winter has finished…. 😉
    Note: it’s on my wish list though….


  9. Rooi says:

    205 days to go till the book is out. And I love your grays and greens and value and simplified shapes and all


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