Art by the Lake

This coming weekend (Sept. 8 & 9) I’ll be participating in Art by the Lake, the annual outdoor show of the Lakeshore Association of Artists. It’s always a highlight of my September to exhibit along with 40 other artists on the scenic lakeside grounds of Stewart Hall in Pointe Claire. Every year we hope for sunny weather so we can exhibit outdoors, and it’s looking pretty good for this weekend. Hours of the show are 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday, and I’ll be there both days, so drop by to say hello if you are in the Montreal area. Besides getting the chance to see lots of great art, one third of all sales from the originals we sell goes to support On Rock Community Services.

In keeping with a lakeside theme, I was out sketching near the boat club today but my sketching expedition was cut short by one of the hazards of September outings in Montreal: wasps. They were buzzing about as I sketched near the lake but I wasn’t paying much attention to them until I reached into my bag to get a brush and a big fat one that was hiding in there stung my painting hand. Wow, does that hurt!


15 Comments on “Art by the Lake”

  1. Linda Murray says:

    Ouch!! 😳 I feel for you Shari. I’m scared to death of wasps, and yes, those stings really hurt! Good luck with the outdoor show and I hope your weather is sunny and warm 👍 Wish I could be there to see all the wonderful art.


  2. Dee Ludwig says:



  3. hilda5462 says:

    Ugh, wasps! They’re always SO angry at this time of year! Really enjoyed your boat painting, Shari – are you going to remember it as the one you got stung for?! 🙂


  4. Jodi says:

    EEks! sorry about the wasp! But WOWZA – what an amazing painting!!!!!


  5. Benadette says:

    Let me add my WOZA to the comments…..your painting makes my heart sing… is absolutely beautiful! How lucky are those who live in the area, who can walk through isles of art works this weekend. How I wish I could be among them.


  6. Valerie Hartmann says:

    I feel for ya’. My first aid pouch includes a lighter and spoon to heat treat bee/wasp stings. If at home a hair dryer also works. Amazon sells products like Bite-Away. You want to cook the proteins for about ten minutes so they are not longer a venom. I’ve done it twice and zero discomfort after ten minutes of heat at the location of the sting. For support see: ttps://


  7. TonyU says:

    That wasp clearly didn’t know who you were! And your painting hand too! Another great yacht club sketch though and hope the show goes well.


    • Thanks so much Tony. It went really well. Lots of people stopped by including some from out of town, and I had my sketchbooks on display as well so there was lots of talk about France and Portugal. A fun but exhausting weekend!


  8. joantav says:

    Ouch!!! Insects are one of the perils of plein air. Nice light and color in this charming dock scene. The show sounds great…hope it goes well and the weather is good. Wish I was closer.


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