One way street

Although winter weather started quite early in Montreal, after a few warm days and a bit of rain, the snow has all but disappeared. There are some icy patches here and there but for the most part the city is grey. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the dreariness of it when you are hoping for snow to paint.

In my city scene today, I injected a bit of colour into the greyness by using a limited palette of Yellow Ochre, Alizarin Crimson and Ultramarine Blue, with a touch of Burnt Umber in the darkest darks. I think the ochre sky helps to add a warm glow to the watercolour. Painted on Two Rivers Rough Paper, 16″ x 20″.

36 Comments on “One way street”

  1. I especially like how the yellow ochre is reflected on the wet street.

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  2. joantav says:

    The ochre glow really makes this special! Lovely!!!


  3. Superb! Love the composition and the glistening damp. The window detail on the right is wonderfully drawn. Not easy, I’ve tried! This one really draws you in. What a wonderful painting Shari!


  4. this is amazing! especially the water and reflections!!


  5. martha says:

    Wonderful. I love the light and reflections.


  6. I enjoy the colors. They help me to forget about the winter grayness in Ohio.


  7. Monique says:

    Not sure if you follow Drawn In blog Jean Mackay..? I totally agree with what she wrote on her latest post..

    The Sketchbook– Shari Blaukoph shares jaw-dropping watercolor sketches and paintings mostly of her home city of Montreal, but also of other places she travels. She takes watercolor sketching to the highest level in every way.

    In every way ..I concur.
    Happy Holidays Shari.


  8. Judy Sopher says:

    Who would’ve thought that those colors would work together, but they certainly do.Rusty-red-pinks and purples. I hope you go into some of these combinations in your book. (can hardly wait-I sound like a kid) And wonderful wet streets that are as important as the buildings. Love this one.


  9. Bernadette says:

    Never would have thought to paint a yellow ochre sky but it works so beautifully and carries through to the wet street. The painting of a simple street scene changed at your hand to a wonderful work of art.
    Thank you.


    • I often have some yellow in the sky but it’s rare that I paint a full yellow sky. Years ago when I studied with Milford Zornes (now deceased) he had use paint a yellow under painting under everything. It warmed up the whole scene.


  10. That sounds beautiful!! That’s the great thing about creating art, you can add your very special signature to it. I live in The greater NYC area and I have not seen the sun in a week, they got so much snow in the south yet, there is no such thing as global warming!! I can’t wait to see it when you are done. I love supporting the arts!!


    • Thank so much. Yes, not much sun in Montreal either, and freezing rain coming tomorrow. Yikes!


      • Wow, I hate freezing rain, in fact one time it rained ice that my front sidewalk was covered in a sheet of glass. Well, ya gurl here was doing some Tokyo drifting in her wheelchair. The worst with freezing rain is when the wind blows and it feels like tiny hands whacking you in the face🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bundle up. Make some hot chocolate. Here is my Jamaican grunma’s recipe …can of Hershey’s syrup ,condensed milk and (evaporated milk ) or regular milk mixed with half and half for creamy taste.Heat until like warm constantly stirring(. Condensed milk will burn). Mix together with a hand mixer after warming it for a few. 1/4 tap of vanilla , cinnamon and allspice if you want a lil spice, like apple pie.
        Only use a few tablespoons of condensed milk it is very sweet. Don’t forget to keep it low so as not to scorch or burn the milk and sugar from the evap. Just hand mixer really slow till you hit desired heat. OMG..don’t forget the chocolate syrup. We also do this with strawberry syrup!!
        My 🇯🇲 grandma used to make that hot chocolate when I was sad
        Chocolate always make a good woman smile…she used to say!!


  11. LityMunshi says:

    You are brilliant to street painting . I truly admire your street pieces.


  12. Anna Golash says:

    Shari, I love how the light reflects off the wet street.  I hope to get it the way you did one day. Keep blogging!



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