On my recent holiday to Sanibel Island I made the choice to travel light. That meant no easel and no large sheets of paper — just a sketchbook, a pen, a few brushes and a small palette. You might have seen my post about riding around on my bike to sketch. It was liberating to travel like that, but I have to say I sometimes missed having my big brushes and bigger sheets of rough watercolour paper.

Now that I’m back and have all my materials at my disposal, I had an urge to push some paint around on a bigger surface, so I took a quick photo in the woods while I was out walking the dog this morning, and painted in studio. It’s way too cold to paint outside today (-16C), but it did feel good to put down some brushstrokes on a quarter sheet of Arches Rough.

15 Comments on “Sheds”

  1. Agnès Bolley-Vittot says:

    We moved to Southern Australia 4 years ago and I have to admit that following your blog with delight you make me miss the snow so much at this time of the year! I am waiting for your book to be shipped when ready and hope this year to be able to attend your workshop in Amsterdam before it gets closed! Please, keep us informed about the materials we will need then. Can’t wait!


    • Hi Agnès, Thanks so much for writing, and for ordering the book! I hope to see you in Amsterdam.
      As for the snow, I can’t say I miss the cold when I’m away, but I do miss painting the snow.


  2. Welcome back home! You sound excited to be able to use all of your sketching and watercolor supplies. Thanks for bring some beauty to winter. In central Ohio, we are still waiting for winter to arrive.


  3. Theresa Lee says:

    To get the dry brush effect on the rocks , is it helpful to always use rough paper ?


  4. Judy Sopher says:

    Quite a dramatic scene. And a lot of snow with your usual beautiful shadows. Here it is only raining. We haven’t had much snow yet.


  5. Bernadette says:

    I enjoy your winter, snowy paintings. Here in north east Ohio, we have had only a few days of light sifted snow that melted with the sun by afternoon. A winter composition would be much more interesting with a few inches of white fluffy snow but I surely don’t mind!


  6. Denise says:

    Another inspiring painting by you. You captured the “ cold” so well that I almost needed to put on a coat just to look at it!


  7. TonyU says:

    Love how the composition suggests that, even in the snow, there’s always a glimpse of colour to cheer us up. Well it does to me anyway! Strange how after using a sketchbook for while even a quarter sheet can look like a lot of paper to cover.


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