Grey Monday

If you live in Montreal you probably woke up this morning to the sound of car windshields being scraped. Freezing drizzle, not to be confused with freezing rain, has been falling all day. Walking is treacherous but the white stuff that settles on the trees is quite unique. Neither snow nor ice, it is more of lacy coating that covers trunks and branches, and is actually quite beautiful if you don’t have to spend time scraping it off your car. From my window at school I had a view of the cemetery nearby, and it seemed like the perfect weather to draw in greyscale. Sketched on my iPad during a short break between classes today.

14 Comments on “Grey Monday”

  1. hilda5462 says:

    Perfect, Shari! This one has got just the right feel to it! We get some of that stuff sometimes, down here in Pennsylvania! (also full on freezing rain, which is much more glassy, I think! )

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  2. Bernadette says:

    The trees look like graceful ladies. It is lovely.


  3. Jeff Gold says:

    Very nice drawing! You are definitely into the Procreate tools. As with the last drawing of Alice, the control of values works very well here even in monochrome. I love the directness of the background (which really helps hold the whole thing together). The composition in its simplicity and the spontaneous sketchiness add to the freshness of it. Beautiful.


    • Thanks so much Jeff. I am finally starting to enjoy the experimentation with the Procreate tools. I especially like it when I am short on time because there’s not much to carry with me, and there’s no drying time. I can accomplish a lot more in half an hour than I can with a watercolour sketch. Of course I also enjoy adding white on top of darker areas, as well as laying in a big darkish background in just a few strokes. I think it’s a good tool to help create mood too. Still having fun.


  4. Hi Shari this week you don’t have to live in Montreal to have the white stuff we here in Vancouver have minus 13 -15 c brrrrrrrrrrr and snow not use to that like you, keep warm


  5. Judy Sopher says:

    I am impressed with what you have done with Procreate. I grew up with such weather and can feel the cold.. It is beautiful, but treacherous. Perfect for a cemetery scene.


  6. Jauch says:

    I like all your sketches, but this one is really beautiful 🙂


  7. archfriar says:

    Your sketches have made me realize that one of the reasons I so love winter is the lack of color. There’s a relative abscence of color in the winter so it seems a “quieter” time that is easier on the eyes and spirit. Of course I love the cold, too.


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