Snow day

Who doesn’t love a snow day? Especially when you’ve set a 6 a.m. wakeup call for an early class but find out that you can roll over and stay in bed a little longer because all the school are closed.

I’ve got plenty of school work to do, but instead started the day with a few sketches using Artgraf watersoluble graphite, the one in the shape of a tailor’s chalk. It was perfect for sketching the monochrome landscape outside my front window.

Alice came outside with us while we shovelled our way out of 40 centimetres of snow, but then she was pretty tired and took a nap while I sketched.

After looking out the front window, I sketched a view of the backyard too. The solid graphite is wonderful for painting values. Since I was going directly to watercolour with no pencil or pen drawing first, I was able to lightly paint the shapes in pale grey and then gradually build up to deep black, with lots of layers of mid-tone greys in between.

22 Comments on “Snow day”

  1. angmacleod says:

    A super rendering of the perfect snow day!


  2. Excellent capture oftoday. That’s a very interesting product with a well-done website. Thanks for the info.


  3. Donna says:

    An interesting product. I must try it


    • I tried it first at the art shop and loved it. That’s the great thing about going to an actual store instead of buying stuff online. Using it was what sold me on it. There are different colours too, like sepia and ochre. All beautiful.


  4. Frank Bettendorf says:

    Great rendering. Here in Washington because of our snow I’m with Alice! Frank B


  5. Madeline says:

    Love those trees in snowy conversation!


  6. -N- says:

    I love using that graphite so much, and it is perfect for a gloomy day! Great job with catching it, as well as Alice a la Floppo. Bm


  7. joantav says:

    I remember seeing this product somewhere…maybe at the Symposium in Chicago?? Either that or someone in the NYC Urban Sketchers showed it to us at a show and tell. You used it well for the snow!


  8. Judith Sopher says:

    Always appreciate learning about a new product. Will have to try it. We had a snow day here as well. I got out of an eye doctor appointment!! (hate the drops)

    I love the values in your drawings. Did I understand correctly that the third is a watercolor?Would love to see more of your work with this medium.

    I agree that an art shop is the best way to buy supplies. when we lived in NM, there is a shop in Santa Fe called The Artisan that I loved. Nothing like it here.


  9. Elena says:

    the beautiful monochrome!


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