Rude behaviour

I am a bad guest. We were visiting friends in the Eastern Townships on the weekend, and during lunch I could see this scene out window. Cool blue shadows, crisp white snow, side-lit pine trunks against a backdrop of even darker pines. A value sketch formed in my head as I ate. And then, instead of sitting politely while everyone chatted and finished their meal, I set up my paints on the kitchen counter and painted the scene. Rude behaviour indeed. Painted on a pad of Arches Rough 140 lb, 10″ x 14″.

47 Comments on “Rude behaviour”

  1. Lorraine Arsenault says:

    Gorgeous colours! I can see why you couldn’t resist.


  2. ewalden22 says:

    Hi Shari – beautiful scene. From a process standpoint, can you please describe what you put in first, second, third, etc….?


    • HI Eric,
      Thanks for writing. For this one I painted the shadows first. They were changing quickly and I wanted to capture their shapes and direction, so I started with those. After that I did the background wash (the distant pines),using a very wet wash so I could drop even darker colours into it. Lastly I painted the trees, trying the vary the colour, colour temperature and value of each one. Of course at the end of the process I always pull out a fine rigger to add some calligraphy on the trees.
      Hope that helps.


  3. Birte Paul says:

    Lovely painting. A great gift to the hostess ……..


  4. Christine Lozoski says:

    You can be rude at my house anytime! Not only a lovely scene but a very lovely sketch!


  5. gaelle1947 says:

    If I lived closer, you would be a welcomed guest any time!!!! Beautiful painting – it will last way longer than any dinner table conversation!


    • Thanks Gayle. How’s the view from your window??


      • gaelle1947 says:

        Beyond a few rows of rooftops: an ever-changing panorama of the Bay of Fundy and sky. Exception,of course, being the restricted view of only neighboring houses across the street under foggy or snowy conditions. But it only takes a 5 minute walk to get an unhampered view of the sea in all its moods…paradise for the outdoor painter! (my waxing poetic right now is because I’m listening to the audiobook: “The Sea” by John Banville!).


  6. -N- says:

    Ha ha! Rude, indeed. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    I had to laugh about this quite a lot – I am sure your friends get it. We love our friends for who they are, not what we think they should be. I am sure your friends enjoyed the painting, even if they do not “get” what it means to paint. They have their “things” too!


  7. Shari, thanks for sharing the story behind the painting. The results were worth it!


  8. Mary T Harrington says:

    Beautiful picture. How did you maintain the whites on the trees. Did you use something?


    • Hi Mary. I don’t use masking fluid. Those are the whites of the paper. If you know where you want to leave the whites in advance, then you can paint around them. That’s why a value sketch is important, even if it’s in your head like it was for me.


  9. Soni says:

    I can’t imagine you being rude in any form …… I’m laughing along with -N- and agreeing completely ……… but if I were your host, I wouldn’t let you leave with that fab painting

    You’ve made me feel a bit better about doing same thing at lunches luckily with Artist friends who mercilessly taunted me while they carried onward


  10. sue fenyvesi says:

    Well I’m sure if you left it as a gift they would understand. Nice capture


  11. Mj Hoop says:

    I live in a scenic area. You would be welcome to my house for a meal. I’ll even open all the curtains for you….and you may paint away w/o feeling (even jokingly) that you are a bad guest. It’s a lovely painting. I’m wondering where it lives and delights now and if you sell any of the work you show us here???? Thanks for sharing.


  12. Jasmine says:

    I live in Austin, QC, very close to Mont Orford. You really captured my everyday winter scene (waiting for Memphremagog to thaw, not for tomorrow for sure with the winter we are having and SOOO much snow!). Thanks!


  13. Bernadette says:

    Your story is priceless as is the painting. Whenever I visit a favorite cousin for a weekend, I pack my paints, brushes and paper too. While she reads or tends to a dinner for us, I paint. She “gets it” she tells me. She knows how strong the urge to paint wells within me. Although she does not paint herself, she allows me to follow my passion. Usually, my work is of house plants or cut flower bouquets and falls short of your lovely paintings, still I paint. Thanks for sharing. It makes me smile.


  14. Denise says:

    What a great painting, and story. The picture will always be there as a reminder of a wonderful weekend with good friends.


  15. joantav says:

    Your shadows are always an inspiration! This is lovely and I’m sure your friends understood your compulsion to get this down on paper. Beautiful!


  16. pamlopez15 says:

    I wouldn’t say rude. You hosts know you are an artist. I’m sure they understand. Surprise them!


    • pamlopez15 says:

      I love your snow scenes, Shari. Your paintings are always an inspiration to those of us who would like to paint like you…Sigh! How do you create the snow shadow colors?


  17. Gloria Shirley says:

    Love this Shari and love the story!


  18. lindywhitton says:

    Lovely painting- more sparkling than the post dinner conversation I’m guessing!


  19. Jeff Gold says:

    Really beautiful. Even after this long and miserable winter (it ain’t over yet), you continue to make it look like Nirvana. I love the warm colors throughout against the obligatory cools of the shadows. As the kids say “your values ROCK!” Wow, again.


  20. Nancy Eddwards says:

    It’s okay, Shari. These people you were with did not mind at all. In fact, I am sure they are pleased that you so beautifully caught the moment


  21. Sally Fox says:

    Well, had I been there, I would have LOVED seeing you paint the beautiful scene. I’m sure your friends enjoyed it as well.


  22. bruno Dubois says:

    wonderful light, the white area in the painting are really luminous! I love it


  23. Such absolutely wonderful work; fresh, dynamic, a bit loose and always remarkably coloration. A++


  24. Debo says:

    You can be ‘rude’ at my home anytime! Beautiful scene and painting!


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