Expression tulips

I love testing out new papers. I received a small sample pack of Hahnemühle Expression watercolour paper in the mail today, so I tried it out by sketching the tulips on my kitchen counter.

The surface of the paper is a little harder than a Fabriano, which is what I usually use to paint flowers, but it’s still beautiful to draw on in pencil. It’s not overly textured which means it should take an ink line fairly well too. It takes paint beautifully, and the colours remain vibrant. The washes stay wet for a long time, allowing me to drop more colour into areas that are still damp. And it’s good for lifting. All in all a two thumbs up from me.

10 Comments on “Expression tulips”

  1. Nice to know and will have to try the paper. Thanks!

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  2. Denise says:

    Oooh so pretty! The bright colors must have been fun to work with. Such a treat for the eyes.


  3. Bernadette says:

    What a delightful work of art. The background color enhances the tulips without distracting from their importance and beauty. It’s a winner! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Sue Ferrell says:

    You mentioned that you like to use Fabriano watercolor paper when painting flowers because of the surface. Is there any other watercolor paper you prefer for landscapes or cityscapes that you frequently paint? I never use anything but Arches cold press (I’m a fairly intermediate painter, I think) and haven’t even thought about using other brands of paper. Is there anything else you might suggest? Blessings, Sue

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  5. Donna says:

    Everyone has questions about paper. Do you prefer the bright whites that some manufacturers have? Some papers seem more forgiving than others when it comes to lifting. Do you ever use hot press? I’ve been experimenting with this…current instructor only uses HP because she gets very crisp edges…her style. Always something to learn.


  6. deconincks says:

    Beautifully successful watercolor, my knowledge of drawing paper types is actually mainly the difference between Steinbach and Bristol, it would be nice to study the result of the same aquarell on different paper grits.


  7. Judy Sopher says:

    Lovely. It has not been the best morning for me-and seeing your flowers have cheered me up.You wrote this paper takes ink and pencil. Which did you use on this? Hard for me to tell, but looks like pencil.


  8. As you know, I always find your flower paintings delicious! The intense blue in the background is especially yummy. What is it?


  9. joantav says:

    Looks lovely and the spring pinks and greens are a joy to see!!!


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