All or nothing

For the past few weeks I have been looking for outdoor subjects to paint, but it’s been a bit of a wasteland of grey days, bare trees and yellowed grass.

And then all of a sudden, there’s too much choice. Tiny buds are opening on trees, the grass is green, and today I drove by the market and was thrilled to see all the hanging plants on display. It made me realize how starved for colour I am. The red and yellows on my palette are getting some attention again, and before you know it the boats will be in the water too. Seems like the start of summer sketching is finally here.

17 Comments on “All or nothing”

  1. As much as I love your snow paintings and muted landscapes, I’m thrilled to see you putting the hot colours to use. Lively and lovely!


  2. Judy Sopher says:

    Really is a cheerful painting. Things are in bloom here also while my sister in Denver is getting snow. I think it is interesting to read what your followers- who are from all over- write about their weather. Summer sketching is great but not the heat.


  3. Dianne Kubik says:

    Love, love love your Spring sketch. I must get out tomorrow to do the same.


  4. Nice drawing, I really like how you captured the flowers.


  5. joantav says:

    Love how the colors make this pop! Glad to see spring is happening there too.


  6. darwinfam says:

    Wow. Amazing


  7. Donna says:

    Such a thrill to see bright colors on this rainy day here. Thank you!


  8. Shari, it has to be a thrill to see such rich, spring colors showing up. Yes, summer will soon be here, which seems hard to believe.


  9. Sai Sundar S says:

    Scintillating colors


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