Brick house on Lakeshore

Shadow patterns are worth waiting for. They add so much to a scene, don’t you think? When I started out sketching this house on Lakeshore Road in Pointe Claire, it was sunny, but then clouds appeared. I painted the local colours of the house and trees, but the scene was flat. I’m an optimist, though. A patient optimist. I loaded up my brush with shadow colour and waited. And waited. And waited. When the sun reappeared, I rewet my brush and quickly added in the shadow areas. I probably could have tried to do this from memory but the shadow patterns from the mostly bare trees were quite dynamic and I wanted to get it right.

15 Comments on “Brick house on Lakeshore”

  1. TonyU says:

    How strange that it would have been a shadow of itself without them!


    • Tony, are you enjoying spring too? Hope so. Thanks for making me smile today.


      • TonyU says:

        My pleasure. Grateful our winters are so much milder and our springs so much earlier than your’s. Then again we do have Brexit!


      • That Brexit thing just goes on and on. I read The Guardian online everyday, and I must say that no matter how much I read about the subject, it’s still sounds like chaos to me. But at least you have flowers…


  2. Rooi says:

    Oh I love your colours… love love love so much


  3. daniele lemay says:

    Bonjour Shari, Je suis très intéressée par tout événement que vous organisez cet été. Merci et au plaisir de participer. Danièle Lemay




  4. Lovely light! I was having the same shadow issues today.


  5. Jean says:

    Your adding of shadows makes the scene pop out as if in 3D!
    Thanks for waiting and getting it right!


  6. joantav says:

    Shadows are worth waiting for…especially in this case. Well done!


  7. nice scene, it looks like a beautiful view on an overcast spring day.


  8. Charity says:

    Your beautiful artwork brightened my day. Thanks for sharing!


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