Hailey to Boise car sketching

I did a little car sketching on the road from Hailey to Boise, Idaho. The vistas are wide and the road is flat, which makes it easy to see a single panorama for long enough to paint it.

When I’m sketching in the car, I use the easiest kit I have. This time my Sennelier 8 colour palette was perfect. I love their Cinereous Blue for skies, and the lack of mixing surface on the cover forces me to mix colours right on my paper. Although I’m not a huge fan of water brushes, when I’m travelling light they get the job done.

27 Comments on “Hailey to Boise car sketching”

  1. Shari, I can see you are enjoying your Idaho journey. I haven’t been to the Boise area for years, but your sketches bring some fond memories.


  2. Suzanne says:

    Yes, amazing what you can do with such a small palette. I too love that blue and bought a tube of it. Suzi


  3. Gerry says:

    Shari, I have loved seeing your Idaho sketches. I live in Nampa, only a half hour drive from the Boise airport. Next time you are in the Ketchum area, drive north on Highway 75 and look down on the Salmon River Valley from the Galena Overlook. Then drive on down into Stanley where you will see the fabulous Sawtooth Mountains, my favorite place. You will love painting there!


    • Hi Gerry,
      We had planned to do exactly that on the drive from Hailey to Boise, but since we had a plane to catch we decided to take the shorter route. We were even going to stop for breakfast at the Stanley Bakery! I will be back next year so it will have to wait until them. Everyone told me how spectacular it is. We did end up taking a drive up Trail Creek Road which was quite beautiful too. Is there anything in that area that is not beautiful? Thanks for writing!


  4. Lee Kline says:

    Perhaps Virginia Hein will no longer be “Queen of the Road”……


  5. Connie Pepper says:

    You captured the drive beautifully! We so enjoyed having you here in Idaho, and look forward to next time!


    • Connie, it was really great to see you again. As you probably realized, we did not go up to Galina on our way to Boise. That will be for next year. But we did love our stay there, and can’t wait to return. Thanks again for my special gift. I think I may use it in Italy. Just have to see if I can fit everything in there!


  6. Wah… A Highway 20 that isn’t on the South Shore of the St Lawrence River. I really like the thinness of your washes.


  7. Yorky says:

    Brilliant sketches Shari. Did you stop to do these or they from snatched views?


  8. TonyU says:

    Your own chauffeur for workshops now! Finally …. the big time!


  9. joantav says:

    Wonderful car sketches!!! It seems like I’m always driving so I can’t do this on car trips. I’m jealous!!


  10. anna wozniak says:

    Hope you weren’t driving while sketching these beautifull sketches lol 🙂 ( joking)


  11. okaypolliwog says:

    Hi Shari –

    I love your positivity . . . “the lack of mixing surface on the cover forces me to mix colors right on my paper” is gold! I would probably just complain about it. Thanks for the reminder about making lemonade out of lemons!




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