The REM line today

I am having so much fun drawing the construction of the REM line. Today I sat in my car in the Canadian Tire parking lot to get a really close up view. Things move like lightning at the site. Every time I glance up from my drawing, several things have shifted and I either have to wait for them to move back to where they were, or change my drawing. Making changes is a little harder when I’m painting, but it’s also what makes this so exciting as a subject. It’s always in flux.

It did occur to me that if I waited until lunch time, there would be a break in the action. But that would also mean that all the construction workers would disappear and then the scene wouldn’t be half as lively. And I would really miss adding all the details, including the orange vests and hardhats.

14 Comments on “The REM line today”

  1. You make everything look so interesting. The yellow just pops.

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  2. Barbara Lindsey says:

    Wow, you take on some really difficult subjects and then do an amazing job of painting/drawing them. I am in awe.


  3. timdada says:

    I’m loving your REM watercolors as I have always loved rail transit. in my area we have the SMART train which I volunteered to get on the ballot in 2008.




  4. It’s encouraging me to do some sketches as I have places I watch on a regular basis.


  5. miatagrrl says:

    Oh, I so envy you! We have two new light rail stations going in near where I live, but there is nowhere to sketch the action from! The best view is always while driving on the freeway… so frustrating.

    – Tina


    • Tina, for a long time the only way to see this was from the highway but now it’s a good spot with big box stores all around. And as you know, big box stores have big parking areas, so I am lucky. Of course you can always come to Montreal if you want to give this a try.

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  6. Bernadette says:

    Are there any subjects you shy away from? You easily move with ease from Alice to structural compositions. I suppose you have your favorite subjects but are not intimidated as I find myself to be when moving out of my “comfort zone.”
    I appreciate the variety of your work that prompts me to explore scenes beyond what I would normally draw or paint. Perhaps your years of teaching and helping students to stretch their skills has also stretched yours. I will venture out following your example.
    Thanks for showing the way.


    • Bernadette, I guess there are no subjects I shy away from. If it is a drawing challenge, I will take it on. I try not to be intimidated by things, because the worst that can happen is that I’ll end up with a bad drawing. The best that can happen with the bad drawing is that it becomes a learning experience for the next time. I’m glad this might help you be a little more daring too.


  7. You’re the only person I can think of who gets excited drawing an ever changing construction site. And, in so doing, shows the beauty of it! Thank you.


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