Column and pier cap

After I posted this morning’s sketch of the ongoing REM construction on Facebook and Instagram, my friend Suhita said “You’re having a blast with this.” She’s right. I am enjoying returning to the REM site every day, to sketch the construction of the light rail line.

Of course, it is important for me to document the process. But as someone who has been sketching in my neighbourhood for the past eight years, it’s exciting to have something new to draw. Plus it’s really easy to get to the site, and it changes daily. In fact, it changes hourly. When I started my sketch this morning, the v-shaped prefabricated segment was on the ground. By the time I finished my sketch, it was in place above the column and there were two more segments in place next to it. That’s how fast it’s moving.

On a damp, grey November morning, it also provides me with a lot of colour possibilities than I might otherwise not find in the late autumn landscape. And a lot of compositional challenges too. So yes, Suhita, for all those reasons, I am having a blast with this.

16 Comments on “Column and pier cap”

  1. Jo says:

    Shari, I think you could build an exhibition out of the art you do to document this REM construction. The public would love to see the work as documented through an artist’s eyes. It’s not too early for a proposal. I’m really loving your reports.


    • Jo, thank you for this suggestion. I love the idea and I will try to find a space for the project. I bet one of the local libraries would be willing to display these. Glad you are enjoying following along too!


  2. Mary Beth says:

    Perhaps Seattle needs to hire this company to build their lightrail system!! “Moving faster than an artist can sketch” could be the sales pitch! 😁


  3. Catherine Moore says:

    Wow, expert draftsmanship and use of color. I can’t wait to meet you soon in Ft. Myers.


  4. Sue Ferrell says:

    I totally agree with Jo! Watching it change daily is such a great process to be involved in. I remember a few years ago wanting to “document” the building of a new school in the district I teach in and I never got started. I sometimes think about that and I’m a bit disappointed for missing that unique opportunity that comes along so seldom.


  5. Chris Rusk says:

    These drawings are really interesting. They vibrantly show movement and I agree, they would make a great exhibition.


  6. Nessa Morse says:

    It’s so great to follow the progress of the construction through your wonderful paintings. I’m sure the citizens of Montreal are eagerly awaiting a successful finish, but I’m just enjoying the process- both the workers’ and yours! I hope you will enjoy your entire journey. What a wonderful painting adventure and personal challenge. Best wishes to you!


  7. Leonie McLaren says:

    love watching your work. You are authentic


  8. Gail Jones says:

    I really like your style and am currently doing your class on blueprint/craftsy for scenery. I have been doing hyper realism watercolor with Anna Mason for a couple of years and now am having fun with your looser style.
    In Christ,
    Gail J.


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