I went in search of Marie this morning but couldn’t find her and instead ended up sketching what I think might be the start of the platform for the Blvd. des Sources REM station.

Marie is the sister launching gantry to Anne, and she’s also named after a station where the elevated line will end — Avenue Marie-Curie. I’ve seen Marie from the highway, but she seems to be hidden behind some industrial buildings. I drove in a big circle to try to find her, without any luck. But there’s evidence of the REM construction everywhere in the West Island, and after my futile search I ended up on Blvd. Sources where I found this scene. The blue crane, orange tarps and yellow cement truck stopped me in my tracks (no pun intended), and that was my scene.

15 Comments on “Instead”

  1. Judy Sopher says:

    Another colorful painting of the construction site. You could put together a whole book on this. Never thought I would say that such a scene would be “happy.” Love it!

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    • Thanks Judy. I am having all kinds of ideas about this project. Book? Exhibition? Both perhaps. I am really enjoying the discovery of both the project and the challenges it gives me for my daily sketches.


  2. Your dedication never fails to amaze.
    And may I just say that thanks to your sketches I have a an appreciation for so many scenes I would previously consider mundane. Such as all the co er boats I passed at a marina today.


  3. Benadette says:

    All construction workers and planners would love to see an exhibit of their tireless work seen through the eyes of a gifted artist. I am sure it would be very meaningful to them. You have given their days and hours a rich sense of the history involved.


  4. Bonnie Hasan says:

    Long time follower and big fan. Really love that you are bringing this huge and important project to our attention. Completely fabricated in Quebec, jobs for Montrealers. Opportunities for young engineering graduates. Imagine the experience they are gaining.
    I remember the years when Quebec committed to hydro electricity. The James Bay and Churchill Falls projects. So many young graduates went straight to work and became experts in their fields.


    • Bonnie, so glad to have your comments. It really is an exciting project for the city. Watching the daily progress makes me appreciate the engineering skills of the team. And of course I can’t wait for the day when I get to actually ride the train. Thanks for writing!


  5. joantav says:

    I am really enjoying your sketches of these construction areas! They have such great color and line to them and each one is so different. I looked back to see if you mentioned what kind of paper/sketchbook you were working in or on. The first sketch looks like it is in a book because it goes across the seam, but I can’t tell if the others are in a book or loose. As I said on FB, I hope you plan on putting these together in some way either as a book, a slideshow, or a video. They should be seen together. Keep these coming!


    • HI Joan. Thanks so much for your comments. These are all done in my Etchr sketchbook, A4 size. The watercolour paper is perfect for this, and I am trying to work on only one side of the sheet because I have already had offers from people who want to buy these, plus I want to exhibit these, so I will have to eventually cut pages out of the book..


  6. Uma Maheswar Nakka says:

    Good Morning dear Shari,

    One of our great poet in my regional language Telugu, by name Sri Sri, said,

    ” A Pup, A Soap or even A Match stick,
    Anything on this Earth is equally qualified
    As a Subject to read, write, speak and listen”

    And so did my favorite artist Shari, proved.

    Nothing more.


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