Looking up

From my parking spot near the REM project this morning I had a view of cars. After all, I was in a parking lot, sitting in a car. But what makes sketching this sketching project so much fun is that the action is all at the top of the page. How often does that happen? Usually when I sketch from my car, most of my subject is at the bottom half of the page, and the rest is sky. But I love this site for the variety of compositional choices I have.

I’ve been trying to include figures in each sketch, mostly for scale. At any given moment, when I look up, there are orange-suited workers on almost every piece of equipment, no matter how high or whether the machinery is moving or still. In fact the very last brushstrokes I made today were to add in the tiny figure at the top of column, tucked in under the end of the concrete segment. Can you see him? He looks like he might be about to take a Tarzan-like swing into the Canadian Tire sign.

3 Comments on “Looking up”

  1. tylaraduncan says:

    I see the guy! These are so wonderful for the workers and their families to purchase as Christmas Gifts for the men working on the site. Imagine being able to relate to personally working on a project of this magnitude in City Making! I hope there is an exhibition so they can learn about this series and make their own heart connection with the compositions at various locations in the city.


  2. joantav says:

    I see him too. I know if the men saw these they would be in awe. I’ve sketched workers out on the street near me that were installing sewers and they went crazy over the sketches. These are just great!!!


  3. teppy001 says:

    This is lovely for Christmas


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