Greetings from sunny Sanibel

I’m taking a little break from winter, and also teaching a workshop in Fort Myers, Florida next week, so it may be a while before you see snow sketches again. I’m back on beautiful Sanibel Island and looking forward to drawing boats, reflections, beaches and shells.

This year we decided to drive from Montreal to Florida (with Alice the dog) — an adventure that probably requires its own blog post. I did no car sketching on the drive down, but now that we’re here and settled, the paints are out again. I’m still recovering from the three-day, 2820 km car journey, so I could only muster enough energy to sketch the view from my backyard chair, but I’ll be venturing further afield in the coming days! And maybe I’ll even sketch Alice at the beach.

19 Comments on “Greetings from sunny Sanibel”

  1. loisajay says:

    I live up in NW FL, and it is rainy, dreary and cold! Shari–that is some drive!!


  2. Carol says:

    wow, in only 3 days! I would be so exhausted. Hope the red tide is not there now. Its such a beautiful island. Have fun. Painting tropicals is always wonderful.


  3. Denise says:

    Wish I could have hitched a ride with you! Love the greens in this sketch- forgot what they look like already after just one snow storm in Connecticut.


  4. rooi says:

    how’s Alice loving the drive? she must be so excited to be traveling with Spyro and you.. i have a 1200 coming up with my girls in down under summer heat.. omg!


    • I was so anxious about taking her in the car because she suffers from motion sickness. But I gave her pills for that and they worked really well. I also put her bed on the back seat so she was nice and comfy, and of course attached her with a harness so she wouldn’t lurch forward at any sudden stops. I felt terrible but I never gave her breakfast, and that helped too. But boy, was she hungry at night. She was also really good at the hotels (all dog-friendly), so after all my worrying, she surpassed expectations. Of course we didn’t have the heat you do. How will you manage? AC and lots of water breaks??
      It was her first time at the beach too. She was so funny, barking at the waves and trying to eat dead fish. A real suburban dog.

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      • Good Afternoon dear Shari,

        First and foremost let me appreciate, the way you are taking care of Darling Alice, looking in to her comforts and medication. Hats off to you.

        Then let me express my deep down heartfelt admiration to the sketch you made, with so much originality put through your strokes of the brush.

        God bless you together with my blessings.

        Yours ever loving admiring fan and friend,


  5. Jean says:

    Oh I am so excited to see you at Sanibel! Husband, Dog and I went there last February but only for a long lovely afternoon. We went to the public beach that you told us about last year, and it was so beautiful. Dog liked it too. The host at the Tourist Info gave us a souvenir—- a windshield snow scraper with the words “I’d rather be in Sanibel…..”. Have a GREAT time!


  6. bernadette says:

    It’s so good to see green!


  7. Gerry says:

    Love the texture on those trees. Hope you get a little rest after that long drive!


  8. Sara Grynspan says:

    Enjoy the time spent with Spyro and Alice. Have a wonderful time painting and having fun frolicking in the waves.


  9. Catherine Moore says:

    Welcome back to sunny SWFL. Very much looking forward to the workshop this week!


  10. Nancy Richwine says:

    Love this backyard work! Looking forward to more greenery!

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  11. Judith Cassel-Mamet says:

    greetings! I am a fellow Craftsy instructor (now Bluprint of course) and have been following you since taking your classes on Craftsy a few years ago. I will be in Sanibel from 12/ 19-28 and would love to connect and sketch together if you have any interest! We stay at the Ocean’s Reach (right on the beach) and I know some other great spots. I have enjoyed your posts all year long, especially from this lovely spot. Judith *author of *Joyful Pages Playground & Joyful Pages: Adventures in Art Journaling

    *on line classes: Expressive Pages & Art Journaling on Bluprint *


    • HI Judith, Thanks so much for reaching out. Glad to hear that you love Sanibel too. Such an amazing place to paint. We may run into each other sketching here and there! It would have been fantastic to connect, but I’m here first with friends and then with family, so I won’t be able to make plans this time. But maybe next year. OR maybe we will run into each other sketching on Periwinkle! Have a wonderful time!


  12. I really like how you captured the trees and the roots in this painting, I also like the lush greens in the background.


  13. joantav says:

    Enjoy the warmth! I went out and sketched snow today for you. lol I like your texture on the trees and the foliage.


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