Inspiration is hard to find these days. I’ve been seeing so many of my online sketching friends who are tired of drawing views from their windows or the inside of their houses. I am too.

My inspiration came today in the form of a gift. It’s from a friend who knows very well how much I love the work of David Hockney. In fact we toured Salts Mill several years ago when I was in Manchester. He emailed today to suggest I look up the BBC article about Hockney sketching in Normandy, on his iPad. There are 10 new drawings of spring that were released today for everyone to enjoy during this time of isolation. What a gift from Hockney to his fans, and what a gift from my friend to me.

With that in mind, I packed up a folding stool and my iPad, set myself up in my garden, and sketched the first floppy crocus that I discovered yesterday, hidden under a shrub in the front of my house.

23 Comments on “Inspiration”

  1. Andrea Rule says:

    thank you, Shari.  I needed that.Andrea Rule


  2. Dorothy Greenidge says:

    Lovely! Lovely story, lovely painting! Thanks!


  3. Love it. Everything. Fond memories of Salts Mill…


  4. gaelle1947 says:

    The crocuses bursting out from their underground confinement convey a message of hope!!! Thank you for your lovely message and painting.


  5. Judy Sopher says:

    I agree–just lovely. Clean colors. And it must feel good just to be outside. We don’t have much blooming yet but soon, I hope.


  6. Mary Beth says:

    I looked at Hockney’s sketches today, as well. I’ll take your iPad sketches over his any day!!


  7. claire russell says:


    Like your crocuses! I am guessing you used masking fluid for all those skinny leaves?? Or did you paint around all of them?

    Claire Russell.

    Creative projects and paintings:


    • Hi Claire. This is a digital drawing so no masking fluid needed. I drew with Procreate on my iPad, so I can draw with white or use an eraser. Thanks for writing! Stay well.


  8. Carol Cooney says:

    Shari, Thanks for the uplift today. Lovely as always.


  9. joantav says:

    Don’t the tiny, new little plants coming up just make you smile? This small snippet of growth is so nicely done. Thanks for sharing it, Shari!


  10. kenneturner says:

    Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:
    Inspiration comes in many forms. Thanks for sharing. — kenne


  11. gillyob says:

    Your crocuses are lovely. And I love the David Hockneys. Thank you

    Gill O’Brien 32 Oxley Crescent, Mollymook Beach. 2539 0418 970 985



  12. Jan says:

    David Hockney is quoted (by the BBC) as saying, “they can’t cancel Spring”.


  13. dlwhitehurst1962 says:

    Very nice! I have crocuses that come up in a little wooden framed box in our yard. My wife passed from cancer, but her flowers always come back no matter how bad the yard is in need of grooming.


  14. pamlopez15 says:

    Great idea Shari! I read about Hockney’s sketches in Normandy this morning, and just took photos of the apple blossoms in my backyard, but duh, didn’t think to go plein air! Thanks for your inspiration!!


  15. tsc69216 says:

    Sooo beautiful…


  16. Bernadette says:

    A few of my tulips opened today. Other surrounding potential blooms will follow soon. I’m glad to see them spread out in opening as they last longer that way. Already they make me want to plant more bulbs this fall. And urged by your lovely painting, I am ready to paint the ones I have!


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