A little studio cleanup of my brushes led me to a bottle of Noodler’s Apache Sunset ink and a dip pen. And when I got tired of drawing lines on my sketch, I grabbed a brush and painted in some areas. Don’t you just love how the orange ink turns yellow when you dilute it? It’s a permanent ink so even when you put a wash on top of it, the lines remain in place. That bright orange was the perfect antidote to the grey sky and falling snow (yes, snow in mid-April) that I saw out my window today.

22 Comments on “Brushwork”

  1. claire russell says:


    Apache Sunset! Think I’ll add it to my order
    As for snow in April. I grew up in N Michigan where winter came early and stayed late. They have 10” of snow on the ground today. Nine months of winter and three months of slow sledding.
    Years ago when I moved to Seattle, I was amazed that spring flowers actually bloomed when they did on calendar pictures. So, I understand how you feel about snow in April.




  2. Bernadette says:

    This is great, the color so exciting, so vibrant. Always nice to turn to “something different” to recharge. I’d like to try this ink. It would work well for a hot summer day drawing.
    It’s snowing here in Ohio as well. We got nearly 2″ today.

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  3. Linda Murray says:

    Striking! Love that orange color! Amazing that you can take ordinary objects and make such a lovely painting! So envious 😊

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  4. Yvonne Carpenter says:

    Looks really cool and different!

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  5. Susan says:

    Shari…I’m a fan. I am particularly interested in this Apache sunset, cuz I recently had a similar experience with a sample a friend gave me a while ago….a burst of colour! I was and remain amazed by its magic.


  6. Stephanie Descoteaux says:

    I don’t know where you get the energy. You are remarkable. That’s very pretty btw.

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  7. Denise says:

    I think I need sunglasses to look at this! What a bright, fun picture.

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  8. Pastor Cathy says:


    by Shari Blaukopf
    A little studio cleanup of my brushes led me to a bottle of Noodler’s Apache Sunset


  9. magathabagatha says:

    Gosh that’s a fabulous ink! Like painting with liquid sunset. It really lifts the spirits and makes a mundane scene look so vibrant and exciting.


  10. Uma Maheswar Nakka says:

    Good Afternoon dear friend Shari,

    I can say this is definitely a water color painting fete.
    Because only one color, projecting a brilliant picture o the viewers.




  11. Scrumptious! Great composition, and drawing, as always. Love the perspective on the flat brushes.


  12. glaccum says:

    Hi Shari,
    I have been trying to purchase your on line course but I can’t get the program to accept my
    Credit card???? Suggestions?
    Ellen Glaccum

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Ellen,
      I see that people have been successful in purchasing today so the website is working. Have you tried creating a login first? I don’t see that and I usually get that notification. Usually students create an account first and then they purchase. Try that. If that doesn’t work, email me at and we will try to get this sorted out. Thanks for your patience!


  13. parikhit dutta says:

    This looks so vivid and bright!


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