I’m continuing to follow along in James Gurney’s new online class. In the second exercise, we add a few colours (I chose red, yellow and blue) to the limited palette of black and white gouache. In addition, the suggestion is to add an underpainting of Raw Sienna casein. I didn’t have the colour, so I used Naples Yellow which turned green because I hadn’t cleaned my brush properly from yesterday. Tomorrow I hope to take this show on the road. I need to get out of my basement and do some car sketching!!

9 Comments on “Pegboard”

  1. beth says:

    wow, interesting lessons about color, i’m a beginner


    • Beth, I would say that anyone can learn from what James Gurney does. He starts simply and gets more complex as he goes along. And even though what he paints is never simple, you can always choose your own subject. If you are interested in seeing how he works, he has many videos on YouTube.

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  2. Denise says:

    My husband’s tools should look so good! What a fun painting.

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  3. Terry Lindsay says:

    You should not be complaining Shari. Your work of late has been excellent ! Loved the story about Alice and the drawing too. And these tools wow..I dream to be so good!


  4. Wendy Cutting says:

    I’m enjoying your schoolhouse lessons and learning a lot from them. My own subject just now is a patch of allotments, so the lessons fit well with the little plots and sheds.
    Stay safe and well.


  5. Stephanie Descoteaux says:

    Wow! That just pops. Your skills, style, talent and experience mixed with James Gurney techniques. Who knew you could be made new, better ,bolder, stronger,…. Like the bionic woman of painting.I am thrilled! A new peak. I can’t wait to see everything you are going to do. Anyone who has eyes is in for a treat. Good for you Shari. Bravo.


  6. DAC says:

    Me encanta 😍!!!


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