Live gouache demo

Want to learn more about gouache? This Friday October 23, I’m excited (ok, a bit nervous too) to do a free live demo on YouTube hosted by Etchr. I’ll be painting something similar to the paint tubes below. My gouache tubes will be set up on my table in front of me, and I’ll be painting them using… gouache! I’ll demonstrate how to play with highlights and shadows and since the session is moderated by Maria from Etchr, you’ll also be able to ask any questions you have on the topic.

If you want to paint along, have your paints, brushes, and paper ready for the session. And in case you don’t have any paint tubes, you can also find the reference photo here.

Here is the schedule for different time zones:

4:00 pm LA Time Friday (October 23rd)
7:00 pm NY Time Friday (October 23rd)
12:00 am London Time Saturday (October 24th)
7:00 am Singapore Time Saturday (October 24th)
10:00 am Melbourne Time Saturday (October 24th)

Hope to see you there, or at least answer your questions in the chat!!

5 Comments on “Live gouache demo”

  1. Julie Crouch says:

    Ooh, I so want to see your demo, Shari, but I will be teaching a workshop at that time. Will it be recorded?


  2. Tracy says:

    How nice that you picked a time that is pretty accessible across so many time zones! I hope they will post the recording (I pick up my CSA produce then). I have a palette of the Caran D’ache pan gouache, but can barely remember my gouache painting from college (decades ago). It really seems like gouache is picking up in popularity lately!


  3. The woman at my art gallery always says I should try Gouache. I had some cheap ones I bought at Wal Mart like 10 years ago. But I usually use my watercolour very opaquely. I like how you got the detail of your Gouache tubes very crisp with the more opaque medium. Gouache was also the main paint used for childrens illustrations and advertisment in the 1950s and is still widely used today in the illustration industry.


  4. Great demo on Friday, Shari! Well done. I found it useful to hear you talk about the “creamy texture” of your gouache and to see how you apply it. I’ve only done a couple of pieces in gouache– I’m not sure I like it, but it seems good for certain subjects. Thanks for unlocking a few of its secrets.


  5. sandidureice says:

    Looking forward to your gouache peppers.


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