Hot sauce

If you like hot sauce, you already know this. One bottle is good but having five or six is even better. Habanero for one dish, harissa for another, sriracha for Asian recipes, and then a good all-purpose one for everything else. And have a jalapeño on hand just in case you need more heat.

I painted the excess of hot sauce bottles using gouache, on a block of watercolour paper. It seems that many artists who paint in gouache use boards or blocks to paint on because of the harder surface. The process I use is similar to painting in watercolour — starting with big shapes and working towards smaller ones. And with transparent objects, it’s so much fun to add the shiny highlights using white straight from the tube.

20 Comments on “Hot sauce”

  1. Love it!!! Are you doing a “hot” series? This goes so well with your hot pepper painting.


  2. loisajay says:

    Looks like Crystal is front and center. My husband reminded me tonight–we are almost out!! He is the hot-saucer in this house–not me! Great painting!


  3. Gouache agrees with you. It is funny how we collect hot sauces in varying degrees of hotness. Your labels are so good on the jars and bottles.


  4. Jeff Gold says:

    Wow! This one really SIZZLES. Love the highlights along with everything else. That warm gray in the middle background ties it all together for me. A beautiful study.


  5. Zora Polh says:

    I like your painting style very much! Could you do a short video on importance of neutral colors in a painting, please? I see you use mid/light grey for your colorful bottles to pop upin this painting.

    A few days ago I made quite a busy sketch with a house surrounded with fall trees and something was not right. I went to search if I could find a solution in your book. And I did. I painted a house roof in grey (gouache) and suddenly everything came together.


    • Zora, I will keep that in mind for sure. I am planning some shorter videos for YouTube, so maybe I can add that to the list.
      Yes, neutral colours are so important to make everything else work!


  6. Dan Schmiech Donna Lambert says:

    These are HOT! I love them.


  7. Gerry says:

    I love that you show us that anything is a suitable subject for a painting from gorgeous seasonal landscapes to our common every day household items!


  8. Good job on the hot sauce labels, I really like your greyed background


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