Goran’s window

On a damp and rainy day in Montreal, the sunny view from Goran’s window in Porto, Portugal, is much appreciated. WindowSwap.com — where Goran and others post their views — has been so useful for finding inspiration these past few months. I paint some of these while on a Zoom call with friends, and now sometimes even on my own. The views are all in video format, which is what makes them a little more intriguing for me than a still image. Clouds move, cars go by, there’s ambient sound either from inside or outside the window. After a while you feel as if you are really there, in a strange way. Sometimes the views are uninteresting and rather mundane, but occasionally you come upon something like Goran’s window which just make you gasp. I had to sketch this one!

14 Comments on “Goran’s window”

  1. Margaret Horak says:

    Those rooftops! ❤️ Thanks for sharing tWindow Swap, too. I’ve had more fun looking through the videos and painting! Helps keep me going when the weather isn’t cooperating l. Take care!


  2. Lovely! I can see why you gasped.


  3. Denise says:

    Love this, and love Window Swap-Both such fun to look at!


  4. Judy Sopher says:

    Love this. Looks complicated but your use of color pulls it together. What colors did you use? (you can tell I’m studying your course on luminous color. .It is excellent.


    • Judy, you are good at guessing my colours, so I thought you would tell me what I was using.
      In this case it is mostly Cobalt blue and Quin Burnt Orange. With some yellow in that first wash to create a glow.


  5. Ruth Kaldor says:

    Is there a way to freeze the video? I don’t think I could paint while the image is moving.


  6. cuzinevie says:

    Oh…Windoswap has changed since the last time I looked at it! Nice sketch…maybe I will try your use of Windoswap, since we can’t travel! Thanks!

    Evelyn Redfield 🎨 The “earth” without “art” is just “eh.”



  7. Beautiful view of Portugal. Did you sip a glass of “Port when you were drawing it. I know that Port comes from the Porto Region. I really like how you captured all the buildings naturallly and organicly.


  8. Northern Traveller says:

    Portugal is always so sunny……beautiful sketch you have here Shari 🙂


  9. schartoart says:

    do you need permission to paint the views


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