White on red

The purple smokebush in my garden is never more beautiful than in the summer when it becomes the background to all the other flowers in front of it. I especially love it when the daisies are blooming. I did a quick sketch of this combo in my Etchr sketchbook, starting with a background wash that moved from deep red to green. An Alizarin Crimson and Phthalo Green mix was perfect for this. I added a little Green Gold at the bottom to warm up the leaf colours. When that was dry, I used negative painting to define the red leaves. The last step was some quick definition in the daisy foliage and flowers.

15 Comments on “White on red”

  1. Chris Rusk says:

    Really nice 🙂


  2. deedster56 says:

    Beautiful, Shari! The colour of the smoke bush…yum!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Every spring that bush looks awful, just like a bunch of dead sticks, and I wonder if I should cut it down. But then I get this beautiful foliage and I’m glad I left it!


  3. Bernadette says:

    Great colors!


  4. Anne Klaus says:

    Thanks Shari, great instructions.


  5. Joan Tavolott says:

    I love how the negative painting in the background sets off the daisies!


  6. goshornmom says:

    Beautiful as always!


  7. sandidureice says:

    Love the way you have left the whites, and the occasional shadow colour over the daisies – they look like happiness.


  8. Really nice painting of the Daisies and Smoke Bush, I really like how you created so much contrast in this drawing and how you left little dabs of the white of the watercolour paper. This drawing definately pops.


  9. Starr Mifsud says:

    Totally ‘nailed’ the smoke bush. Love this painting.


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