One book for this

Last year I sketched all of the spring blooms in my garden in one long accordion book. It was a great way to experiment with materials, as well as to count how many of the 200 bulbs I purchased from Costco actually flowered. I think the total was about 189, but I lost count near the end when a lot of tulips bloomed at once. This year I’m going to try to sketch everything again, but instead of using the accordion book, I’ll try to keep everything on consecutive pages in one sketchbook, which in this case is a portrait format 9″ x 12″ Travelogue Watercolour Journal by Speedball. Thematic books are nice, right? And this is one that I don’t use often when urban sketching because I prefer a horizontal format when I sketching landscapes or city scenes. If you have hyacinths in your garden and you’re wondering what colour to use to paint them, today I tried a combination of Daniel Smith Lavender and Cobalt Blue areas in sun, and for the parts in shade I added a bit of Ultramarine and Carbazole Violet.

11 Comments on “One book for this”

  1. Lori says:

    What a wonderful idea!

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  2. Jocelynn says:

    What a great idea!


  3. De says:

    Beautiful flowers! I admire your dedication to painting from life!


  4. I will be watching to see what blossoms in your garden. I should take note of your purples. I’m never really happy with the purples I have.


  5. What a great idea. Maybe Costco’s marketing people would pay you for your sketches of all those bulbs that bloomed and do a marketing campaign based on them!


  6. Sadje says:



  7. These are terrific. You captured their character perfectly. Thanks for the colour tips! My purple hyacinth will be in bloom by the end of the week.


  8. Denise says:

    So pretty! I recently tried to paint a blue hyacinth I received, but couldn’t figure out the color-now I’ll know for future reference. Thanks❤️


  9. kathryn2021 says:

    So Beautiful! I remember last years.


  10. Dory Rice says:

    Just curious Shari whether your new book for garden sketches is the new Handbook wirh heavier paper (blue flower on the cover) or the one that’s been around for awhile? Thanks!


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