About Shari Blaukopf

Blaukopf_profilephoto.jpgShari Blaukopf
Montreal, Canada
sblaukopf (at) gmail (dot) com

I’m a graphic designer and teacher who found herself spending too much time working on the computer and not enough time drawing and painting. I have always kept travel sketchbooks but daily drawing was not part of my life until just a few years ago. Now that I have started, I can’t really stop. I began posting daily sketches in October 2011 and kept up that punishing pace for quite a while. My sketch blog was, and often is, about everyday stuff I see around me in Montreal neighbourhoods, but also glimpses of other places, when I am fortunate enough to travel.

My career was in graphic design and teaching, but my true love has always been watercolour. I started painting as an adolescent, travelled to many places, took lots of workshops and then put my paints away for a long time. I am thrilled to have dusted off my brushes and to have the opportunity to share my work here and on the Urban Sketchers international blog.

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