Fresh paint

The palette that I paint with most days is one I’ve inherited from my mom. It’s a beautiful Daniel Smith travel kit that I can add my own colours to but I had lots of pigments in there that were leftovers from my mother. I wasn’t really sure what some of them were so I decided that it was time to clean the little pans and add some fresh paint. It was a messy process but there’s nothing more gorgeous than fresh paint. Plus I decided to make a little map of the palette because once I start painting it gets really messy and I can’t tell what anything is. Posting this map is an idea I saw and loved on a Liz Steel post. I can’t wait to paint with my fresh colours.

Fresh paint in my palette

8 Comments on “Fresh paint”

  1. cmchin says:

    Are they watercolour pans or fresh paint from tubes?

  2. James Hancock says:

    Shari, I just stumbled on your site but I love your painting style and I wondered if you ever did any workshops onIine
    James Hancock
    Toronto, Ontario

    • Hi James,
      So glad you found me! I have a full-time job teaching at a college, and although I would love to give online courses, there is just no time. I do sometimes give workshops in the summer, here and there, so if you are interested I will put you on my mailing list.


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