Miami Beach & New Years wishes

Happy New Year and a healthy 2012 to everyone!

I just returned from a week in Miami Beach and have some new sketches to post. It was great to be drawing outside instead of in my car! I could actually move my elbows while painting. But I forgot how everything dries so fast in the heat. If you put a clear wash down and then expect to drop colour into it, forget it! The wash is dry before you can get the colour on your brush. Plus I had to mostly put away the cool blues in my palette and use the warm ones. So I used up lots of cerulean and manganese but not so much cobalt or ultramarine. Except in these beach umbrellas…

Umbrellas on Miami Beach

4 Comments on “Miami Beach & New Years wishes”

  1. Jane Hannah says:

    Happy New Year to you too Shari :: your paintings are gorgeous ;-)))


  2. tarosan says:

    oh man. all this Miami is making winter look like a long hard slog.aieee!


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