Two chimneys

I always tend to use the same colours for my mixes but lately I have been trying to change things a bit. My usual mix for grey is ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. But yesterday I did some experimentation and tried combining sap green and cadmium red. That made a gorgeous greenish grey. I also tried ultramarine and cadmium orange and that gave me a grey with lots of beautiful blue sediment in it. So today I just had to go back to my favourite farm at McGill’s Macdonald Campus. I knew I would find some great stone walls to try out my new mixes.

Two chimneys

8 Comments on “Two chimneys”

  1. pmbcabral says:

    We had a USkPortugal meeting last saturday and I am posting the drawings.
    How curious, today I also posted two chimneys.


  2. Spectacular! Those bricks/stones in the wall, too!!! Yeh!


  3. Pat says:

    This is just beautiful, as usual. Thanks for sharing your gray mixes. I am going to try them today!


  4. Alison says:

    I love how the wisps of clear crisp blue in the sky contrasts with the brick tones.


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