Making decisions

It is difficult when you look at a complex scene to know what to sketch. This morning I sat on the steps near the Venture Sailing Club in Pointe Claire, drinking my coffee and contemplating what to paint. When I am in my car the scene that I paint is often obvious because it is framed for me by my front windshield but when I am out of the car there’s so much more to choose from — a big vista in front of me. Today I had the lake as a backdrop, boats in the water as well as on land and a red building on a hill to my right. I started several sketches but none of them had any focus. In the end I decided to simplify and chose three boats on the ground and three in the air. There was plenty going on the background too — a crisscross of masts and boats on the shoreline but I tried my best to just hint at that.

Sailing Club

11 Comments on “Making decisions”

  1. Ross C says:

    Love the boats… I’m happy for you to paint as many boat scenes as you want.

    You mentioned painting in the car and I saw that magazine photo of you working in your car… it made me realize just how easy you get it, Shari. If you were painting in a car in my part of the world (where steering wheels are on the right hand side), there would be no water and palette just where you need them… you would have to try painting left handed! : )

    • I would have to be a leftie in your part of the world. On second thought, if I lived in Australia I would never paint in the car!

      • Ross C says:

        I think the car would still be the place to be through our Summer (which is 6 months long here)… out of the sun, with the air conditioning on full cooling… and painting left handed. Also, being in the car, keeps the feral kangaroos away. It is pretty tough here! : )

  2. Ellen says:

    fantastic work…I’m new to your blog and truly enjoying it!!

  3. fimfie says:

    That’s great Shari
    I used to race the Lasers (the lower ones)
    Great washes

  4. gary osmond says:

    i hope you don’t mind but i used the boats for my desktop,,,love them

  5. Filipe says:

    One of the things I love most about your sketches is the choice of composition you make and the elements you draw. Little bits and parts of bigger elements that work together.
    I can never make those decisions in my sketches.
    Congratulations on your blog. I am becoming a fan!

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