I am often asked what makes me choose one site over another and how I choose what I will paint each day. The answer is simple. When I go out to sketch I am looking for a centre of interest for my painting—something that will anchor the composition. Today it was easy to find. Enough said.


16 Comments on “Masts”

  1. paula says:

    I recognize that, I think. The PCYC, oui?

  2. Valerie says:

    Ha! We all need an anchor in our lives!

  3. Leslie says:

    Shari I love your work and would love to take a class when one might be somewhat closer to me. Have you thought of teaching an online class??

    • Leslie, where are you located? I have been asked to teach an online class but it just seems very complicated to organize.

      • Leslie Haworth says:

        I’m in Rhode Island Shari. Would love to attend your Portland Workshop with Marc, but the timing is not right.

      • Rhode Island is very beautiful but I’ve never visited. I guess you weren’t able to see the video from Paris either because of copyright laws. That’s too bad. If you can get a group together I can always arrange a workshop in your area. Also, Montreal is not that far. Closer than Portland, anyway. I have been thinking of holding another workshop in Montreal in August.

      • Leslie Haworth says:

        Could not view the video — disappointed. Perhaps we could drum up interest for a workshop in Boston — great city to sketch and paint. Thanks for friending me on facebook. Have a great weekend and keep your art coming ; )

      • A workshop in Boston would be great. I have family there and in fact I will be there next weekend. Hope to get some sketching in too.

  4. Rhoda says:

    Love this. I’m learning about composition and now anatomy of boats!

  5. Jane Hannah says:

    Oh yes, a workshop in August in Montreal would be fabulous — yeah! I love your boat Shari 😉

  6. mirobolante says:

    Beautiful as usual !! I love your sens of colour. Bises from Barcelona. Marisa

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