Silo No 5

I haven’t painted anything industrial in quite some time and I was really missing it. So when Marc Taro Holmes suggested we meet in Old Montreal to sketch near this spot I was quite excited because I have been wanting to get a good look at Silo No 5. It was only after I returned home and did a bit of research that I learned that this is yet another building on Heritage Montreal’s endangered list.

Marc and I are preparing our August workshop in Portland, Oregon and Marc is also one of the instructors at the Urban Sketchers Symposium we both will be attending in Santo Domingo next week. We spent most of the day today sketching at various locations in the Old Port and with the high heat and humidity I think it was good practice for both of us.

Silo No 5

11 Comments on “Silo No 5”

  1. Alison says:

    Good practice indeed. This is a great portrait of a remarkable structure. Love the depth of colour in the rusty funnels.


  2. Mary says:

    Wow, what an ambitious site/sight to sketch Shari, and you have sure captured it’s
    almost overwhelming size in great detail! i also love the rust, grey and slate blue colours.
    Such beauty in age! 🙂 Also love your nice little free splatters.


  3. Filipe Almeida says:

    Well Shari, I share your taste for the industrial, especially the old industrial. There really is a certain beauty in decay and rust.
    You just captured it wonderfully.


  4. John Wright says:

    Good for you and Mark to be training for Santo Domingo. I’m afraid all I have managed is to organize my supplies and buy a wide brimmed straw hat I may have to rely on some deprture lounge practice on the (3 flight) journey


  5. Bryan says:

    Great sketch! I work right near there…and I saw 2 people sketching while I was walking at lunch yesterday – I guess it was you! I went on the Heritage Montreal tour of Silo 5 last month; it was a fascinating tour. I took a bunch of iPhone pics of the tour (inside and outside the various parts of the silos). If you want, you can see them here:


    • Bryan, you should have stopped to say hi!! We talked to so many people, most of them tourists. Lucky you to have had a tour of this. I am going to have a look at the pics. Thanks for sending the link.


  6. […] and I were doing a little pre-Santo Do warmup. She took on the foreboding Silo No. 5  while I exercised the better part of valor, drawing a nice classical building across the […]


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