A little rest

I’m back from the Dominican Republic with lots of drawings and paintings that I will continue to post in the next few weeks. I think I have a little bit of post-symposium withdrawal. It was such an intense experience — being surrounded by all those talented people, some who I haven’t even mentioned yet — and I had time to draw and paint all day. What a luxury! Since I have just posted a few days of very colourful and chaotic paintings I thought it might be a good time to scan this drawing, as a little rest for the eyes after all the bright hues.

Let me describe this little moment. I was sitting on a beach chair, surrounded by all the noise of a crowded resort, and when I looked next to me I saw this sleeping baby — covered by her little blanket and hugging her bunny. It was a scene of perfect innocence in stark contrast to all the hedonism on the beach. Her parents must have just gotten up to take a walk down to the water. Having just learned from Veronica Lawlor and Jonathon Schmidt about seizing that decisive moment, I grabbed by pen and sketchbook and hoped the parents wouldn’t reappear too soon. I was lucky. I drew quickly, the baby slept and the parents took their time.


7 Comments on “A little rest”

  1. Valerie Cousins says:

    The mood is wonderful.


  2. Jane Hannah says:

    Your line drawings are always very nice… I just hope that the parents came back sooner than later… 😉


  3. Ross C says:

    This is sooo cute. But, I won’t even start to question the thought processes of parents who wander off and leave an unattended baby… luckily they had you to watch over him/her.
    Now, here’s a suggestion… you could combine sketches like this with your previous sketches of wheelbarrows, garden pots or barrels and start rivaling Anne Geddes… what do you think? If it’s a winner, do I get a commission?


    • I was kind of surprised too that they weren’t hovering around. And since I was so intent on my drawing I didn’t really look around to see how far they had gone.
      Since you like Anna Geddes, I even have some boots I could put this baby into.


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