Sketching with Simone

Yesterday Marc and I inducted yet another new Montreal urban sketcher into the fold. Simone arrived in Montreal from Italy just a month ago. A biologist by trade, he blogs in Italian about his Canadian experience, and includes sketches, food, photos and music info. Unfortunately for Simone, we plunked ourselves in front of a building on Sherbrooke Street with all this roof ornamentation. It was a very complex subject made more difficult by the wall of dark brick behind it. Here is the link to the beautiful sketches on Simone’s blog and if you understand Italian (or use Google Translate like I do), you can read what he said about us. You can also see a photo of this and then you’ll understand what I mean by the wall of brick.

Old Victorian

7 Comments on “Sketching with Simone”

  1. Jane Hannah says:

    Truly majestic Shari :: verra nice 😉

  2. vesselava says:

    Simone is lucky to be in Montreal. I´ll see her blog.

  3. mirobolante says:

    Sorry I mean “His” blog

    • Marisa, it’s funny that you thought that Simone was a female. So did Marc and I. We were waiting for a woman to show up and then this guy on a bike starts waving at us. Of course I was thinking in French instead of Italian!

  4. Gail Katz says:

    Dear Shari-I am an Interior Designer and learned my trade 42 years ago at Dawson College in the Interior and Architectural Drawing Department. Inspit of myself, I learned a simple kind of architectural drawing-the way they taught it back then was truly gruelling. You do such beautiful job, you make it all look so easy, the chunky but grace of the building, the details, the shades and shadows-the deep window sills and the carvings-really beautiful-I look forward to you sending the SKETCHBOOK each day. Shari-I live in St. Sauveur-would you know a painting teacher in the Laurentians? I am just wanting to paint so badly-drawing I’m doing. If you know somebody-please let me know-thank you, Gail Katz

    • Hi Gail. It’s great to read about you and so glad that you enjoy the blog. I don’t know anyone in the Laurentians who teaches painting but I could put you on my list for workshops if you are interested in coming to Montreal for one or two days.

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