Gare Jean Talon

There was a time when many Canadian Pacific trains heading in all directions stopped at the Gare Jean Talon, at the very northern end of Park Avenue. It hasn’t been used as a railway station since 1984 although it does house a Joe Fresh store and the entrance to a subway stop. I arrived too late in the afternoon to catch the light on the beautiful columns but the sun was hitting a tiny corner of the building and the cooing pigeons kept me company as I painted.

Park Ave Stn

4 Comments on “Gare Jean Talon”

  1. Liz S says:

    great!!!! Don’t you love buildings this colour – they are so much fun to paint and easy to portray light and shadow (as opposed to red brick which I find a challenge!) You have captured the beautiful light!

    • You would have tackled the whole building Liz. I guess I learned nothing from you in Santo Domingo because I chickened out and just did a little corner. But the colour of the stone is really beautiful and since the rest of the facade was in shadow I just picked that section where the light was so beautiful.

  2. Ross C says:

    I just had a look at the building on Google Images… that is one grand and impressive building! You did a good job on this corner, but I would love to see you go back and capture more of the building some time.

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